MESSAGE FROM DR. ANNE MARIE EVERSJuly 14th 2013 I underwent surgery, was diagnosed with colon cancer, developed a severe infection, took chemo and in the middle of my chemo treatment my husband Reg passed away suddenly of a massive heart attack. I was totally overwhelmed with grief and nausea from the chemo and felt as if I was at the bottom of a pit. Then I thought to myself why not create something to help me cope? I thought about all the years that I had been teaching the power of properly done Affirmations and decided to create some Affirmation Life Tools that I could start using right now. So I took some Affirmations and weaved them together with some exercises and methods which became my Affirmation Life Tools.

FREE Monthly Lectures at Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver, B C. Canada                                                                                                                                                        

My Oncologist very impressed with my steady progress and asked how I kept on being upbeat and positive while going through this very real and difficult process. When I shared with him that I was using the Affirmation Life Tools that I had created to help me . . . and he and I both knew how they were helping me, he asked if I would share these Affirmation Life Tools with other chemo patients and those going through difficult medical treatments. I said that I would be pleased and honoured to do so. So now the last Friday of every month I do a lecture at the Evergreen House Board room, a part of Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver B.C. from 11:00 a.m.- 12:00 noon. It is a Free Lecture and everyone is welcome. It is designed to help the patient, their family and caregivers.

My new book 70 Ways to Cope with Chemo and/or Other Medical Treatments is now available

Let’s Talk ABOUT the power of Properly Done AFFIRMATIONS 

(The 5 W’s& the HOW)


What is the difference between a Master Affirmation and a Short Form Affirmation?

Your Master Affirmation is very specific saying exactly what you desire to manifest. It is ‘Your Order to the Universe.’ It contains the 3 P’s:(a) Personal; (b)  Positive;

(c) Present tense.


Master Affirmation also contain the safety clause, ‘to the good of all parties concerned and thank you, thank you, thank you.’ Write, I fully accept. Then date and sign it. When your Master Affirmation is signed, and dated, it becomes a firm and binding contract with your Higher Self; God/Creator; Universal Mind or whomever you believe. in.


Your Short Form Affirmation consists of several key words taken from your Master Affirmation, which you can jot down and/or repeat many times during the day to keep your request on the front burner of your mind.



WHAT ARE Affirmations?

Affirmations are similar to prayers, wishes or goals, only they are more structured and specific. To affirm is to make firm and simply put the basis of all Affirmations is positive thinking. We all do affirmations all the time whether we are aware of doing them or not. Affirmations are also statements, decrees, commands and proclamations. When people say that they have never done an affirmation, I ask them if they ever had a birthday cake with candles, blown out the candles and made a wish. If they say they have, then I tell them they have done an Affirmation. It is as simple as that!



When is the Best Time to Do Affirmations?

You can do Affirmations any time. The best time to do your Affirmation Process is the first thing in the morning and the last thing before you go to bed at night.



Who does Affirmations?

Anyone can do affirmations. I have a 5 year-old girl and a 102 year-old great, great grandmother in my ministry working with the  Affirmation Process.



Where should I do My Affirmations?

You can do affirmations anywhere–in the privacy of your own home, while waiting in a doctor’s office, standing in line at a grocery store, bank, etc.



Why do Affirmations in the First PlaceWe do Affirmations to realize our dreams and to make our lives as we wish them to be. The process of doing properly done Affirmations is a powerful tool to help you manifest your dreams, make your life happier and to become more spiritually connected.



How do I Create My Master Affirmation? Prepare your Master Affirmation on 8 1/2 x 11 paper saying exactly what you desire. Note: You only need create your Master Affirmation ONCE, like creating y9our Las Will and Testament). Place a picture at the tope of the Master Affirmation showing what you desire.


When you have completed it, place your Master Affirmation into a plastic insert sheet. Take it out every morning and evening and read it over, bringing in your 5 physical senses.  Then put it away and go to the next Master Affirmation or go about your day.




Use the ‘magic words’, I, (your name) deserve and now have/am;

Feel that you are deserving of what you are affirming;

Never word you Affirmations to hurt or take from anyone;

Make certain that it contains the 3 P’s (personal, positive and present tense. (Should you affirm ‘will have’ you are putting the manifestation of that Affirmation off into the future (perhaps some future lifetime).


Always use the ‘safety clause’ – to the good of all parties concerned;

Always say ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you’ at the end of your Affirmation;

Make certain it very specific, saying exactly what you desire to manifest;



Never place several Master Affirmations on ONE page. (If you give the Universe a confused order you may get a confused answer, so be very specific).

Create a NEW Master Affirmation for various subjects–Money, Health, Relationships, etc. Have faith and belief that your Affirmation manifest as affirmed;

 As I say in my books, articles, blogs and writings: ‘Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!’(sometimes not in our time frame or how we think they could manifest)                                                                  


Enjoy your CREATION!

Many Affirmation Blessings

Dr. Anne Marie Evers









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Well if you have a problem and you don’t know where to go

Just dial up the Internet and listen to the show

Tune into Doctor Evers, she’ll lift your spirits high

Her Affirmations lead you from the darkness to the light

Say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…believe with all your soul

When properly done…they always work you know!


Oh…just say an Affirmation

Love, health and abundance beginning to show

Oh…just say an Affirmation

Show your gratitude and the blessings will flow!


Oh…just say an Affirmation

Love, health and abundance beginning to show

Oh…just say an Affirmation

Show your gratitude and the blessings will flow!