Wedding Date, June 8th, 2008, North Vancouver, B. C. Canada
                                      Rev-Dr. Anne Marie Evers and Reginald Clemens
Click unto and  L I S T E N  to our Wedding Song at the end of the page that dear friend Sandee Elash wrote and sang for us on our Wedding Day.
I am living proof that Affirmations really work! I do them for every part of my life and one of the most important ones was that I attract my third husband. I started doing my Master Affirmation as set out above in late 2004. I became a little discouraged when the end of 2005 came and went and I still had not met him. I thought to myself how can I teach this Affirmation Process to others if it is not working for me? Then I remembered what I teach—repetition, repetition, and repetition. So I kept on repeating my Affirmation daily and then early in 2006 I met Reggie my third husband. Oh yes, I have to admit I really had to work to keep my faith that I really would meet my special life partner. Somehow I kept it on the front burner of my mind. When any thoughts of disbelief came up I said quickly, “Cancel, Cancel, or Delete, Delete” that is not true. I KNOW my special life partner is now on his way to me right here and right now!” . . . AND HE DID!
You see the reason it took so long was when I started my Master Affirmation, Reggie was already married. Then sadly his wife passed away and later we met. I had ordered up (affirmed) for a husband and also someone to help me in my work especially in shipping and handling my products, etc. and he is even more than I ever imagined! We were married on June 8th, 2008 in my back yard for the 2nd time and I have never been happier! As I always say “If it can work for me, it can work for anyone—you, you, and all of you!”


Are you Searching and Longing for that Special, Loving Life Partner to share your life with you?
Do you want the Affirmation Process to work for you? Start your Relationship Affirmation TODAY and expect that person to step right out of your Affirmation and into your arms.
Doing Affirmations regularly takes commitment, faith, work and effort on your part. Remember the saying, "Effort In — Effort Out?"
Do Affirmations really work?
You bet they do!
Just ask Reggie! He is now a firm believer!






Words & Music by Sandee Elash © 2008
Memories and gifts the years have given
Placed upon the altar of their love
Souls are tied with luminescent ribbon
Shimmering with stardust from above
Sacred Matrimony
Separate souls no more
Gentle Man and Angel
The heavens so adore
His beloved glimpses in the window of his soul
Her devoted nurtures and supports
One provides shade giving trees, the other loving arms
Each one shields the other from life’s storms
Sacred Matrimony
Spirits soaring high
Angels in attendance
Showing their delight!
He loves his pink lady … she adores her blue eyed man
Tender vows are spoken … joining hearts and hands
 Sacred Matrimony
Separate souls no more
Gentle Man and Angel
The heavens so adore!
Sacred Matrimony
Spirits soaring high
Angels in attendance
Showing their delight
 “Memories you make together
Placed upon the altar of your love”
We gather today to witness the marriage of two wonderful souls!
 Reginald Allan and Anne-Marie  June 8, 2008
North Vancouver, B.C

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