2017 Sadly – – –  Pastor Reg passed away 3years , but his spirit and loving energy will be with us always!

Pastor Reg Clemens

I’m Pastor Reg Clemens,

Caretaker and Keeper of The Angel Chapel. “I am here to listen and help you with life’s challenges."
I am amazed at how many people I have had the priviledge of  talking with and counseling, who have used some of my suggestions and Affirmations and report great success! 
As said before, Live Today! –  Live it to the fullest!
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 We have an Affirmation for most every Situation whether it be Relationship, Self-Esteem, Forgiveness, Health, Money, Career, Happiness, Spiritual Growth, Maintaining Weight etc. ——–  
We have Affirmations for you. Upon request Dr. Evers will help you create a specific Master Affirmation especially tailored for you and your individual situation.
Should you be facing a challenge in your life and need some kind, caring words and advice, please contact Pastor Reg.   I am here for you!
Reginald Allan Clemens (Pastor Reg) worked in the public for many years, as a sales representative. He is a family man who was married over 50 years to his wife Gracie, who sadly crossed over a few years ago. He is a father, grandfather and great-grandfather. He has a great attitude about life, fantastic sense of humor and people just love the way he reacts to others, often making them laugh. He has always believed in helping others in any way he could. He was also an entrepreneur having had several business ventures, such as Moving Truck with his twin brother Dick . He also had a Tanning Salon business with his wife Gracie.
When I met Reg about two years ago, I was drawn to his happy smile and positive, happy energy. He expressed to me that he would love to be in a position to help others even more and in different ways. We ran away and got married on December 9th, 2007 in Apache Junction AZ and then we got married again in our backyard on June 8th, 2008 as our children wanted to share our special love and special day with us.
One evening when Reg overheard me speaking with Rev. Eva Grace Johnson from Arizona, he asked him about the possibility of him becoming ordained as a minister (Pastor). He was very interested so Rev Eva Grace sent him all the lessons, studies, etc. that he needed to completed before becoming ordained. He was very excited and took it very seriously. He then became ordained with The Church of Divine Love and Seminary Apache Junction., AZ. He is now known as Pastor Reg, the Caretaker and Keeper of the Angel Chapel. Shortly after we were married, Reg and I were sitting having breakfast when I said, “Reg how would you like to have a little Chapel in the backyard? He thought for a moment and then replied, “Well I did build a house years ago.  I think it would be a good idea. Being a long-term Affirmation Coach grabbed a napkin and scribbled the following Master Affirmation.
“Reg and I deserve and now have the perfect little Chapel in our back yard at the perfect price, which will give help, love and hope many people to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
 We fully Accept
OUR BEAUTIFUL ANGEL CHAPEL  . . . .  perhaps the smallest in the Country.  . . . . . . .
Then I asked Reg to read it over and if he agreed with
it to date and sign it, which he did. Then I dated
and signed it and that day we went to a company
and purchased some building materials at a discount. Reg started working on it that day and two months later he had completed it.

   Toasting the Angels in The Angel Chapel sparkling, fresh Water

 From Dr. Anne Anne Marie Evers
  I prayed and Affirmed for several years to meet my ‘soul-mate’ and really fall in love so I would know how that feels. Then I met Reg Just two years ago and everything in my life changed. He taught me what true, unconditional love is. I have learned a great deal from Pastor Reg and Now I am putting into practice some of his ideas and techniques which are working out beautifully. Thank you, thank you, thank you Pastor Reg. I love you!”                                                       


 When Gracie, my wife of 53 years passed on, I thought that I would never marry again as I had such a great, happy marriage. I felt such a huge void in my life, like a large hole as I was without a person beside me. I missed the love and friendship that Gracie and I shared
over the years.
After a grieving period, I said to myself, “I should have a second chance at happiness and with happiness comes good health and a deep love and friendship.”
I sold my Apartment and purchased and moved into a mobile home with thoughts of becoming a recluse. Then one day I went onto the Internet to meet people and with good results. I connected with a wonderful, caring and understanding lady, who I soon found out was and IS ‘My Angel.’ She understood me and accepted me for who I am. I married ‘My Angel’ and my whole life as it was changed into happiness and love as I hoped and prayed it would.
Now I have started on the path of being an ordained Minister (Pastor). It is a great learning experience for me and I am doing what I always did before and now with a great deal more knowledge of the spiritual side of life. So anyone reading this who knows me, know this is from my heart. There is a second chance for anyone who is willing to put forth the effort. True Love is out there waiting for you. Trust me. Believe me, it worked for me!

Love & Blessings

 Pastor Reg

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