News from Dr. Anne Marie Evers  2017
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Also my new website has very informative, short (2 minute) colourful videos on the Affirmation Life Tools that I created and used very successfully during my challenging times with colon cancer and chemo and the negative side effects of chemo. These were coupled with suffering from grief from the loss of my husband Reg during my treatments. These Affirmation Life Tools on this website helped me so much dealing with those nasty, negative side effects of chemo that I want to share my helpful Tools with everyone. These Affirmation Life tools not only work for negative side effects of chemo and/or other medical treatments, but they can work for you when writing an examination, when you need to forgive and release anxiety, anger and worry and other problems in our lives. Please do take a couple of minutes and go to and you will find help there. We also provide help to not only people going through medical challenges, but to those who are suffering grief challenges as well.
With many Affirmation Blessings 
Anne Marie