Here are just a few of the many powerful Affirmation Life Tools.

Affirmation Workshops and More

Ruth Carolyn and Anne Marie

Affirmations are my passion as I am sure you have realized and they can be found, under my name, worldwide (YouTube) on the Web. As well as in my books at I have been in the Personal Growth Field for many years, teaching, and conducting workshops on the Power of Properly Done Affirmations.

I was co-chair of Kid’s Kamp. (INTA World Congress) Phoenix, AZ. At International New Thought Alliance I created and taught Children’s Affirmations for 5 years.I conducted many speaking engagements at local hospitals, health authorities, not-for profit agencies, and senior centres, in particular I lectured on a monthly basis for 17 years at Silver Harbour Senior Center, North Vancouver, BC. Later it was my honour to be invited to lecture at the Canadian Conference of Community Oncology (COCO15) in Whistler, BC, Canada, on my Affirmation Life Tools. I also wrote the Ask Dr. Evers Column in the Violet Ray Magazine (Natural Health and Conscious Living Magazine) I contributed to this magazine on a monthly basis for many years.

Dr. Evers and her Affirmations are like glasses of spiritual inspiration that makes you whole every time you hear her heart and affirm her work. She commands the power of Affirmations (positive thinking) because she knows the power behind commands and belief. I love her cards of life and start my day every day by choosing one as my morning inspiration. Sarah Simmons

Affirmations have helped me change my life. Reading Dr. Evers’ affirmation books and applying the principles in these books has created opportunities beyond my wildest dreams. In my opinion, her affirmation books not only helped me to have the things I desire, but also allowed me to be a better person. Having the opportunity to work with Dr. Evers, I have learned the most powerful prayer on the planet. This prayer was given to me by Dr. Evers. The prayer is: thank you, thank you, thank you! I now know that affirmations when properly done with love always work. Dr. Evers and I have also created a three-hour CD called Don’t Die With Your Dreams Inside. Gregory L. Norman, Universal 7 Radio

Fear Affirmation Life Tool

Fear is sometimes a major concern when taking chemo and/or other medical treatments. I have included a few extra Affirmation Life Tools to help you cope.

My Experience with Fear
I found that in most of my experiences with negative side effects there was a real element of fear that came with it. My immediate fear was that these side effects would be permanent and I would have to deal with this situation the rest of my life. Then the other types of fear came up such as “Would I need I be disabled and have to have people caring for me” and on it went. I found that if I did not immediately deal with the fear started at the bottom of my feet and I would be crippled and much more. My choice here was to do what I teach others going through this type of medical treatment. I mentally accepted the worst that can happen. Then I immediately began to improve upon it.

I accepted the fact that I was a cancer patient and taking chemotherapy and then I immediately started to think of ways that I could mitigate it or help myself deal with it. This Affirmation Life Tool gave my mind something tangible and positive to think about. And as I said earlier, these Affirmation Life Tools do not take the side effects away. They really do help one cope and manage them a little more easily.

When using Affirmation Life Tools, I really felt that I had hope to carry on. I had actual Affirmation Life Tools that I could use right then to help me. I personally found these fear Affirmation Life Tools very entertaining. They were fun and most of all very useful in my particular case. Still use them when those side effects try to hang around.

Remember the lamps you can purchase which come on when you clap your hands? When a negative side effect appears accompanied by a nasty, negative fear, use the Clap Affirmation Life Tool. Clap your hands and say, “that light is everywhere. There is nothing to be afraid of. The light is here to guide me!” This immediately changes your mood. Then say, “I am safe and secure”!

Stop Sign Affirmation Life Tool

I use this tool in my many situations. When a negative side effect pops up with its companion fear, I pickup one of my Stop Signs, look at it and then say very loudly, “Stop”! At the same time I snap the elastic band on my wrist or stamp my foot. Then I visualize that fear going, going, gone! Now my thinking process has been redirected into a positive mode.

Fear is sometimes a major concern when taking chemo and/or other medical treatments. I have included a few extra Affirmations.

Clear, Search, Retrieve Affirmation Life Tool

When you wish to remember an incident, situation person’s name, or answers for an exam, etc, use the Clear Search and Retrieve/download this Affirmation Life Tool. Sit quietly and gently close your eyes and totally relax, taking several deep breaths. Say to yourself “Clear, Search, Retrieve/Download”. Clear your mind of worries, and feel your mind becoming clear and relaxed. Then say “Search” and imagine finding your mental filing cabinet with the many folders it contains.

Search for the file folder that has the answer to the question that you wish to remember. Then say, Retrieve, Download and mentally see, feel, and hear that file being downloaded into your mind. Say, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you” in your mind and/or for the perfect answer. Usually, the answer will flash into your mind in seconds, minutes or hours. At certain times, it may take a little longer, maybe a day or so. Trust this process and know that it always works! Some of the chemo patients at our local hospital are having wonderful success using this Affirmation Life Tool and some patients are using it numerous times daily with great success.

The Clear Front and Back Affirmation Life Tool

My son David and I were going to the USA for an important meeting and we got stuck in heavy traffic on the freeway. I started to say the words “Angels please help us – clear front and back” over and over again. David asked me what I was doing talking to myself. I smiled and just kept on saying those words very quietly and then in my mind. And the traffic started moving. David said “Wow I thought we would be here for hours. Nothing more was said until we were coming home and again we got involved in heavy traffic.

David looked at me and said,”Hey mom can you do that chant (woo-woo stuff) that you were doing when we were stuck in traffic on the way down?” I said I certainly could and again I asked for angelic help and lo and behold the traffic started moving, this time very quickly. David was very impressed and very quiet and years later, he told me that was a turning point in his life when he learned about angelic help that really did work! He used the same technique years later when he affirmed for a wife and it worked wonders for him.

Spiritual Disinfectant Affirmation Life Tool

This is also a very powerful Affirmation Life Tool that you can use in numerous ways. The Process – Find a small spray bottle, fill it with water, and add a drop of one or two of your favourite essential oils. Or you may wish to try some oregano oil, which has strong antiviral and antibiotic properties. On masking tape write with a felt pen the following words Spiritual Disinfectant Affirmation Life Tool and place it on the spray bottle.Whenever you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, or among others who are negative or ill, spray some of your Spiritual Disinfectant around you. If that is not possible, visualize doing it in your mind knowing that your mind does not know the difference between the real and the imagined and proceeds on your instructions.

One reader has great success with her Spray Tool. When her husband comes home in a grumpy mood, when he goes to the washroom, she grabs her spray bottle and sprays all around his chair and she swears that his mood changes for the better in about 15 minutes! She also said a positive and uplifting Short Form Affirmation. Try it yourself, it is fun and really works wonders!Just voted Number One! This Tool has and is helping many people, and one reader said when he uses it, it actually stops the pain for several hours and that he would not know what to do without it. It is my favourite as well.

Hospice Society’s successful
Magic Magnetic Circle

1%+ Affirmation Life Tool

This 1% is a powerful Affirmation Life Tool that you can use for any health and/or other situation in your life. You can say TODAY, I am 1% better than I was yesterday. And as it works for you, you can increase the percentage to one that you believe can manifest as affirmed. This is a very powerful Affirmation Life Tool!

Magic Magnetic Circle Affirmation Life Tool


Stand with your arms outstretched and slowly turn (clockwise) saying:
”I,( your name) deserve and now magnetize into my Magic Magnetic Circle”
(This process can be used for anything you wish to order up such as:) (1)a loving, lasting happy relationship, (2)career (3)money. I suggest that you turn slowly 7 times every day and see what great things happen in your life.

To support your Magic Magnetic Circle I suggest you also write out a Properly Done Affirmation. To get help on writing out your Affirmation go to the ‘A-Z Affirmations’ section in my other website shown below and don’t forget to say each time you turn: “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. And so it is!”

For more about affirmations visit:

The above Affirmation Life Tools are only a few of the many available on my other website. While you are there please check out my video section. You will also find many Affirmations in the ‘A to Z’ section already written out for your interest and/or use, and for anyone who has suffered from the loss of a loved one, visit the 5 stages of Death and Dying.

The Story of James Living on the Streets in Vancouver, BC Canada

How creating and voicing properly done Affirmations worked for him!  

Dear Folks,

James and Anne with Richard Daddy Babs

You may find this CD interesting. The story behind it is that James Harvey was a homeless young man living on the streets of Vancouver, BC, Canada and someone handed him a “much-worn” copy of one of my earlier editions of ”Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness,” 7th Edition.

He loved music and he read my book and started using Short Form Affirmations that he liked and he put them to music and listened to them many times daily and when he could not sleep or find a place to stay. Miracles began to take place in his life. He affirmed for a place to live in a good home, a job, money so he could purchase good musical equipment, etc. He was totally amazed at the power of singing and repeating affirmations. He had an old guitar that he was using at the time.He manifested a place to live with a kind gentleman, named Richard Daddy Babs and his daughter; he was gifted a newer guitar and he also manifested a job teaching children how to say and sing Short Form, positive, upbeat Affirmations. His results were fantastic! WOW was he ever impressed! And excited to tell everyone he met.

He called me and said, “Hello my name is James Harvey and you will never believe my story.” I replied, “Oh yes I will — let’s meet at the White Spot Restaurant and talk.” He was delighted and we met the next day. He told me his story and how affirmations had given him hope and courage to go on when everything seemed so hopeless. We visited for at least 3 hours, sitting in the White Spot. At the end of our visit, he asked me an important question . . .

He said “I am so thankful to God for placing your book in my hands at the perfect time and the wondrous results that I received and am receiving. I would like to know how I can give back to God and the Universe?” I was rather stunned and started to cry – because I was teaching the power of properly done affirmations in Kendal Elementary School in Washington State and we needed a song with some upbeat words and music to complete the program.

All I did was to suggest some positive words at the time, like respect, love, caring, kindness, consideration, being polite and others. James took these words and came up with an Affirmation CD. One of the most important things is that he rounded several of his homeless people and asked them to sing together with him.This is how the Affirm and Learn Enhancement Program became very popular and well known.This CD was played at the 98th Celebration of the International New Thought Alliance before 300+ people in Arizona.

It was also played at the funeral service of Richard Daddy Babbs. He would be so proud. I would take a trip to Washington each week and it was one of the most wonderful things I have ever done. The 3rd Grade class was so receptive and others in other classes were asking if they could be included and learn too.

Note: When listening to the CD, please remember the singers were homeless people together with James Harvey.

The Good Times
Everybody Fall in Love
Aff and Irm Sitting in a Tree
Richard Daddy Babs
Put a Good Word In
Shake and Stretch
Pass It On

I am so proud of James Harvey & Group and I wish them the very best.

Love and Caring, Anne Marie