Kinds of Angels

We believe there are angels for every person, every situation and every career, relationship, health, money, self-esteem, harmony, protection and just everything we desire. I believe they are here to help us when we ask for help in this world that we live in.

There are many kinds of angels: angel of health; angel of peace; angel of career; angel of prosperity/money; angel of business; Angel of self-esteem; Angel of spiritual growth; Angel of harmony, Angel of love; Angel of peace; Angel of relationships and many, many more. Angels are messengers of God sent to the earth to help the people who wish to be helped. Also for us to learn about angels and how to call upon them when we need help, or just to visit and enjoy their wondrous, loving and spiritual energy. We also share very unique and proven ways, methods and Affirmation Life Tools to make contact with your angels and how to develop real deep, powerful relationships and keep those relationships with the angel(s) of your choice at various times of your life. We never hear of angels getting married and raising families. We feel this is because they vibrate on a much higher spiritual frequency than us human beings. Please join in with us, thanking God for the wonderful gift of His precious angels.

Barnes and Noble Bookstore

Before arriving at Barnes and Noble Book Store in Bellingham Wa, where I was conducting a workshop/book signing, I remember taking a few minutes to ask the angels to be with me that evening and help me share information that would be helpful to the people attending. That was a few years ago and I remember the night being deluged with rain pouring down and it was very cold and windy. I thought not too many people would venture out on a stormy night like this. I looked at the 35 chairs and thought to myself, “Oh well I am here so if only two or three people attend, I will go through my presentation. Surprisingly the chairs started to be filled and more people were coming in all the time. Just before I started my talk a very healthy, great looking young man came over to the room where the event was being held and said to me, “Are you the speaker for the Night?” I replied, “Yes, I am and I am happy to see you here.” He looked at the stack of my Affirmation Books that the staff at Barnes and Noble had placed on the table and he spoke again saying, “Are those your books? “Again I said, “Yes they are.”

Now every chair was filled, and I watched him pick up a stack of books and place a book in every attendee’s hands saying, “You need to read this book.” I was busy talking to one of the sales people at Barnes and Noble just for a moment and when I turned around to thank him for coming; there was no one in sight absolutely no sign of him anywhere. I looked around to find him, and even went out the door to talk to him and there was no one there. When I came back into the room, I was delighted to see the long line of people that were purchasing my books. This experience was so exceptional and unreal, I wonder even to this day (some fifteen years later) has this happened and I have come to the conclusion that it was an angel sent to help me as I requested.

Oh, yes, the lecture was one of my most memorable and successful ones that I ever did because of my angel encounter. Many people came up to me after the talk and told me how much they enjoyed my Affirmation teachings, information and how this was exactly what they needed in their lives at that particular time. One lady choked back the tears and she told me her story of heartbreak. She left holding my book she had just purchased close to her heart. Do affirmations really work? You bet they do. Does calling on angels to help us when we are helping others . . . work? You bet it does and incidentally it works every time. sometimes not quite as we think it should, but you will notice how everything fell into place exactly as it should. I will always remember and cherish that night and my angel.

Peter Kimber’s Release from Prison

Dr. Evers and her affirmation group were involved in obtaining the release of Peter Kimber, a Canadian who had been unjustly imprisoned for two and one-half years for a crime he did not commit. There were many positive groups of people who affirmed that Peter Kimber would be released and able to go home to his home in Canada to be with his family. Nevertheless, it happened. He was released after 129 days in prison.

Dr. Evers and her sister Darlene were at the Abbotsford Airport to welcome him back home. Family members crowded around Peter when he arrived. His little grand-daughter jumped into his arms and said, “Grandpa, what took you so long? I’ve been waiting for you so long”.

When Peter arrived in Canada, he wrote his book, The Peter Kimber Story. What he wrote in his book was “ I could never express how much your words and thoughts and outward care changed my life forever and express my gratitude to you, Dr. Evers, and to the groups of people who also affirmed for my release. Dr. Anne Marie Evers is one or the most enlightening people I have ever met in my life. Without her commitment, teaching and affirmation books, I would not have made it through the experiences I have been through. She has this uncanny ability to call me in Mexico exactly when I needed to speak with her. It was only through her efforts and continuous support that I was able to keep the faith and obtain my freedom. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Anne Marie wants to thank the many affirmation groups all over the country who joined in and affirmed with us to have Peter Kimber released.

The Process of writing an Angel Letter

This a process whereby you write a letter to someone’s higher self (or angel) from your higher self (angel–see sample) Write the Angel Letter out 3 times and read it over every morning and night for 21 days as this is the number mystics believe has the power to destroy negative thoughts. When I do this exercise, I write the original on a “3 x´5” Index card and keep it in my wallet or purse. I read it over the many times during the day.


This letter is never, ever given or mailed to that person. When following this process, be certain that you repeat reading your Angel Letter every morning and evening for 21 days. It has been proven that it takes 21 days to make a habit. When writing from your angel to another’s angel, you are communicating on an angelic higher level, filled with love. kindness, peace, joy and happiness. If you wish to change your Angel Letter, write out a new one staple the new “3×5” card to the original card. On the new one, write ‘revised edition.’

You can write an Angel Letter to a prospective employer, family member, spouse or significant other, friend and just anyone at all. Should you be writing an angel letter to a perspective employer, address it to the angel of the decision maker or manager. Send Divine Wisdom to your prospective employer and say ‘thank you for considering my application and for hiring me for this position to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, Thank you, thank you.’

And remember you NEVER mail or give this Angel Letter to anyone. You keep it in your possession. Some people put it under their pillow at night.

Story of Angel Help When Needed Most of All

Loretta, one of my favorite people related the following story when she visited us in the angel chapel. She asked the chapel angels to help her sister Helen and give her strength to get through her intense hurt, anger and sadness. Helen was going through times and she was immersed in a deep trauma that devastated her. Her husband Timothy of 25 years confessed to her that he had been unfaithful a number of times. She was devastated and could not stand the pain. She just had to get out of the house. She jumped into her car and started driving. She had no idea where she was going, and it was 2:00 a.m. She was sobbing so hard, she could hardly see the road, but she drove around and around and finally arrived in the country. She pulled into a truck stop or rest area and sat there crying and feeling that her whole life was a lie, and she did not want to be in this world . . . she actually planned to take her own life.

She sobbed her heart out saying to herself “How could Timothy do that to me after all these years and all that we have been through?” Her marriage had been a challenge and her thoughts ran rampant and she was swept into a pool of negativity. She was getting more and more caught up in thoughts of taking her own life. She had enough pills in her purse and a couple of bottles of water with her and she was just about to swallow the pills when all of a sudden there was a loud knock on her window. She rolled the window down and she saw a very handsome, vital young man. His eyes were the bluest eye she had ever seen and looking at him, she felt a surge of hope and peace.

He said, “Are you okay?” She burst into tears struggling to speak and sort of nodded her head. The young man said very gently and distinctly “Go home – You will be okay!” She quickly wiped her eyes and turned to thank this young man and he was gone. She looked around and there was no one there. There was absolutely no sign of anyone and all she could see was an old, dilapidated truck parked in the far-off area. No one was in the truck and there was not a soul in sight. She was very shocked and thought how could that happen? How could this young man have appeared so quickly and disappeared even quicker? Was he real? The answer came to her, in her mind, saying that yes it was real and he was an angel sent to help her. She sat up, wiped her eyes, put the pills back in the glove compartment.

She drove home and got into bed with those words ringing in her ears and running through her mind. She was incredibly surprised to notice that now she had hope in her heart. And yes, she did survive to tell the story. She did have some very important relationship challenges/issues to go through, but the visit from her angel was so wonderful and real that she accepted the hope of her life becoming better.

Things are working out for her in a way that she accepts. Forgiveness was and still is to some degree a stumbling block, which she is successfully working through. However, with counseling, her angel help, family and friends, she is becoming more balanced taking responsibility for her actions and life. Today she shudders when she thinks how close she came to ending her life that night in her car. She repeatedly thanks her angel, who she has named Carl who loved and cared enough to save her life. Such is the power of our wonderful, loving, angels who are always with us, always willing to help when we call.

Remember to pick up the phone and make that call to the Royal Angel Telephone!

Another Experience with Angels

Connie says that when Angels appear for her, she sees flashes of light (like firebugs). When these flashes occur, she knows angels are with her. Anne Marie says she too has had that wonderful experience of angels speaking through her, giving messages to her and for others. When this happens, she feels so honoured and so humbled that it brings tears to her eyes. Take a break from your hectic routine, your ‘to-do list’ and stress, to enjoy the silence which assists you in contacting the angels of your choice. Really enjoy this special time that you so richly deserve. It is very essential to rest, recharge and renew ourselves.

My Son David Was Born With Very Crooked Feet

My most important Angel Request was for my son David who was born with two very crooked feet. He was about 8 months old and if he would try to walk, he could not as he would be walking on the sides of his legs. I asked the angels to help me and everything I would look at my baby son sitting in his highchair, I would say, “David you will walk normally.” People laughed at me and even some members of my family shook their heads and said, “Poor Anne she has lost it. That kid will never walk, he will be in a wheelchair the rest of his life.” I never gave up and I was relentless in repeated that he would walk normally.

Angels came through with flying colours. We had a small café and one of our customers came regularly for lunch. We got to talking and he asked me about David’s feet. I told him the story about him being born that way and that our doctor told us that it would cost a huge amount of money to get his feet fixed so he could walk.

The doctor also told us there was a certain time frame that the surgery needed to be done. I was racking my brain trying to think of ways to raise the money, but my faith kept me going even though it looked impossible. Then out of the blue that customer came in and said, “I have news for you. If you can have your son ready and yourself, Mr. Grouchy will pick you up and drive you to Spokane, WA and they will fix your son’s feet. I asked him to repeat what he said and I also asked him how much it would cost. He said it was the Shriners, who I had never heard of that would pay for it – all expenses paid, including transportation and sleeping accommodation.

The tears started flowing down my cheeks as I thanked him profoundly and then thanked my wonderful angels for their help. David’s feet were fixed, and he walks normally now and no one would ever know he had such crooked, deformed feet. I kept repeating over and over, Thank you, thank you, thank you. Such is the power of prayer and faith.

My Story Of “The Cracked Block”

Angels Do the Impossible

Very difficult to believe, but I witnessed it together with my husband, Al and two other mechanics in the garage.

Many years ago when my daughter, Aren was about 14 years old she had an important appointment that she wanted to attend by herself in downtown Vancouver (not in exactly the best part of Vancouver). Her father Al and I were to pick her up at a certain time and I made sure we had more than enough time for get there in time as she was going to come out of the office at a certain time and we would be there to pick her up. The time was in the 1960’s and we did not have cell phones, text messages or even beepers to beep when someone was calling and leaving messages. So it was absolutely imperative that we came at that certain time.

Then the unthinkable happened–our car, which was an old Oldsmobile broke down and just completely stopped on a small bridge in Cloverdale, BC I was so upset and I sent out a panic call to any one of my angels to please come and help us as we had to make that appointment on time to pick up Aren in Vancouver, BC. In about five minutes, no longer, a police car spotted us and came to our rescue. He put up slow signs around the car and called a tow truck to tow us to the closest car garage in the area. They took us to the garage and somehow, they managed to push the car into the garage.

Two mechanics came to talk to us and they opened the hood of the car and both of them agreed it was a ‘cracked block’. One of them said, “This car will never run again! I heard those words and I panicked. What would our daughter do? She was only 14 and a young 14 at that. I was beating myself up saying, “Why did I ever agree to this situation? It was not the best place in Vancouver for a 14 year old to be.I was desperate and very worried about Aren. I called again called upon my angels, any one of them who happened to be in the area to help us. We had no way of contacting her as she did not have a phone, etc. Here we were about 25 miles away in a garage and our car has a cracked block, whatever that is . . . . I earnestly cried out again saying “Please Angels help us now! Then I repeated in a loud voice, “I need your help NOW! Please start the car NOW!

Just at that moment a light flashed in the right-hand corner of that old, dusty garage and the car started! I was shocked and you should have seen the look on the faces of those two mechanics. One was scratching his head, the other was shaking his head, mumbling to himself that this was impossible. As for me, I said, Thank you, thank you, thank you to my dear angel(s). My ‘mother bear instinct’ kicked in and I grabbed Al’s arm and said, “We have to get going NOW – I know we have just enough time to make it and pick up Aren. I looked back at the two mechanics who were still reeling from what happened. With much gratitude and tears of appreciation I again asked my Angels to keep the car going and create conditions that we would arrive at the right time to pick up Aren.

What a Miracle

We drove up just as Aren was coming down the steps. She jumped into the car and we drove home. Al parked the car in our back yard and sadly that car never started or ran again. We had a Towing truck come and dispose of it.

I will never forget that day and the looks on those two mechanics’ faces. We did stop in later in another car at that garage and they were still . . . and I use the words ‘freaked out’. Neither of them had ever experienced such a miracle before.

Meeting Johnny Cash in Canada

Many years ago, when I worked for Canada Trust, I created and repeated an affirmation about meeting the popular western singer Johnny Cash in person. I knew this affirmation was quite farfetched, but I continued repeating it over and over, not really expecting it to manifest. My husband laughed at me and said with a grin, “That will never happen. You are wasting your time.” I replied, “I will continue to waste my time and hope for the best”. However, the unexpected did happen. I was working for a real estate company and bank which decided to name our new cash machine the Johnny Cash machine. I had never heard of a bank being named after a rock star before. This really created faith within me that even if you don’t fully believe, the affirmation will occur in a strange and wonderful way.

Johnny Cash and June Carter came to our office in North Vancouver, Canada, and performed for our company only. It was so exciting for me to see this affirmation come true for the good of all before our very eyes. This is one affirmation I thought about when creating new affirmations. We were all so impressed and enjoyed our wonderful evening with them. P.S. I had a chance to shake hands with Johnny and June. It was truly a miracle come true.

Guardian Angel Pins

How it all Started

One afternoon in 1980 while shopping in a department store in Bellingham, WA, I noticed a nice-looking older gentleman in the lingerie Department. He was softly singing a song. He had an extraordinary voice, but he sounded and looked so sad. I smiled at him and said, “You have a great voice and I loved that song you were singing.” Something said to me—in my mind – “Give him your Guardian Angel Pin, he needs it more than you at this time.” So I took off my beautiful Guardian Angel Pin and gave it to him. He said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am so excited. This is the sign that I have been asking for . . . that Maria, my wife who died 3 weeks ago today – that is” – he cleared his throat and continued, “you know a sign that she still loves me and is with me.” He went on to say, “We were going to celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow. You will never know how much you have helped me today and how much hope you have given me that I will see my darling wife again. With tears in his eyes, he grabbed me and gave me a big, bear hug! I was very moved by what just took place and I decided right there and right then to find a place where I could purchase these Guardian Angel Pins so I could gift them to people that need them and to give them H O P E !!

Now I purchase 1,000+ Guardian Angel Pins at a time and over the years since 1980, I have distributed thousands of Guardian Angel Pins and every time, I feel so happy that by this action, I share hope, love, and encouragement to others. That is what started my Angel Gift Ministry so many, many years ago!

Every time I gift a Guardian Angel Pin to a person and they are so happy to get them, it makes me feel so calm, warm and fuzzy and I give thanks that I am able to fulfill this very small, but effective Random Act of Kindness. And every time I feel uplifted and encouraged myself, no matter what challenges that I may be facing. My daughter Aren says to the person receiving the pin, when she watches me handing out Guardian Angel Pins, “You have been ‘Angeled‘ by my mother. ”I truly believe that Random Acts of Kindness positively affect the person giving, the person receiving and the person(s) watching. The cardboard message holding each Guardian Angel Pin –

Message on cardboard that holds the Guardian Angel Pin:

I have a Guardian Angel Who watches over me
Everywhere I go
And everything I do
This gentle, silent helper
Is there to be my guide
To shelter and protect me
And for me to walk beside
My angel will always help me
Whenever things go wrong
They’ll be the wings beneath my feet
As on life’s path I walk along

People are amazed and delighted to receive the Angel Pins and about 95% of them immediately put the pins on their uniforms, and/or clothes. They tell me it gives them a feeling that someone cares. Many people get a feeling of peace and protection when they read the words on the Guardian Angel Pin Card.

Some Other comments when receiving this Guardian Angel Pins

“You’ll never know how much I needed this Guardian Angel today!”

One such person was the lady that was so overwhelmed that she could not stop crying. I was a bit worried that I had given her an angel pin that upset her, but she insisted it was the best medicine she ever had to release some anger and negative feelings and energy. She could not thank me enough.

Another wait person told me she had a very bad headache. I gifted her on of my Guardian Angel Pins. She went on her break and we were still at the Restaurant when she came bouncing out of the staff room and said, “It’s a miracle, as soon as I put this Guardian Angel Pin on uniform, my headache was gone! Just like that! It is unbelievable!”

I have witnessed many tears of relief and joy by the people who receive these Guardian Angel Pins as well as sincere gratitude and hugs. I am always amazed at the reaction of people receiving these tiny, uplifting gifts that bring hope and joy to them. When receiving these tiny Guardian Angel Pins, many people put them on their lapel, blouse immediately.

It is very interesting and rewarding for me when I go back to that eating place, store, etc. to see the people who have received these Guardian Angel Pins wearing them. One such person was the lady that was so overwhelmed that she could not stop crying. I was a bit worried that I had given her a Guardian Angel Pin that upset her, but she insisted it was the best medicine she ever had to release some anger and negative feelings and energy. She could not thank me enough.

Another wait person told me she had a very bad headache. I gifted her on of my Guardian Angel Pins. She went on her break and we were still at the Restaurant when she came bouncing out of the staff room and said, “It’s a miracle, as soon as I put this Guardian Angel Pin on uniform, my headache was gone! Just like that! It is unbelievable!”

I have witnessed many tears of relief and joy by the people who receive these Guardian Angel Pins as well as sincere gratitude and hugs. I am always amazed at the reaction of people receiving these tiny, uplifting gifts that bring hope and joy to them. When receiving these tiny Guardian Angel Pins, many people put them on their lapel, blouse immediately.It is very interesting and rewarding for me when I go back to that eating place, store, etc. to see the people who have received these Guardian  Angel Pins wearing them.