This is the Angel Sign in my front yard
I would like to recognize and honour the Angels. First of all my Angel Chapel, yard and home is filled with Angels of all sizes. Some are several inches high And others are 4 feet tall.

We all have different ideas and opinions as to what Angels are, what they are here to do, and so on. We never hear of Angels getting married and raising families and I feel that this is because they vibrate on a much higher spiritual frequency than us humans. It is okay to listen to what others believe and to their spiritual interpretations, but it is the responsibility of every person to decide for themselves. I believe in doing research, and add your own unique experiences to the research and then to decide what is the truth for you.  

There is never a right or wrong way to connect with Angels, only the chosen way. It is also my belief that angels are indeed messengers of a higher realm, beings that are closer connected to source energy than us humans. Angels can connect with humans on earth when the human is ready to connect, and Angelic Contact has to be initiated mostly by the human. It is very important to become aware of angelic presence and acknowledge them and ask them for help.There are many and varied definitions of Angels and Angel experiences, and it is very individual. And that all Angel experiences are valid. Angel definitions are as different as grains of sands on a beach for each person.

My own experience with Angels                                                                                                                                                

Angels come to me when I see flashes of light (like firebugs). When these flashes occur I KNOW Angels are with me. I have also had the wonderful experience of Angels speaking through me, giving messages to me and for others.

When this happens I feel so honored and so humble that it brings tears to my eyes.

I know that I have four Archangels with me at all times. And I believe that wherever I go they are with me. I associate Archangel Michael on my right with the Angel of Love, Archangel Gabriel, on my left, with the Angel of Peace, Archangel Uriel, in front of me with the Angel of Clear Thinking and Archangel Raphael above me with the Angel of Healing.

I associate Archangel Michael with the color blue; Archangel Gabriel with green; Archangel Uriel with yellow; and Archangel Raphael with red. Every one of us can ask for help from the Angels. Angels will not interfere unless they are asked. I know there are Angels for every month, Angels for every day and Angels for everything, even Angels of Occupations.
I have hundreds of Angel Statutes in my home, my Angel Chapel and in both my front and back yards and I feel so comforted by the. I know that when people visit The Angel Chapel they say they can just feel the wonderful energy of God and His Angels in the little Angel Chapel in our backyard and the ON-LINE Angel Chapel on the Internet.
Listen to this beautiful Angel Song 


Angel Song written by Dr. Evers, voice and music by Dave Card




  Angels take forms that are easily recognized and identified by the person who is receiving an angelic vision or form. To me Angelic beings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, presenting themselves in the form that I need to see, hear or feel at that particular moment in time. Explore with me the angelic realm. Each experience of angelic contact will be unique, colored by your own acquired spiritual wisdom.