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My affirmation life tools are unique and you will be amazed and delighted at how your life takes on new meaning and change in a most powerful, profound and positive way. I have created powerful affirmation life tools with exact instructions on how to make them work for you. So, purchase the book that looks best for you from the list below.

Affirmation Toolbox (Kindle/Paperback)

You will find an Affirmation Tool for almost every situation and/or challenge in life. You will be delighted with this collection of over 150 simple, yet powerful Affirmation Tools all within one cover. It has tools and techniques that are easy to apply. Let this book change and improve your life.

Affirmation Beauty Book: (Kindle/Paperback)

This book shares secrets from the Universe and from the author’s research on how to unlock your inner beauty and allow it to shine forth. It provides the reader with important information about how thoughts, mind power, creative visualization, Affirmations and more affect your physical health and beauty.

This book provides simple Sample Master Affirmations, Short Form Affirmations, Affirmation Tools, Methods and Techniques to use. The simplistic exercises and techniques show the reader how to talk to the body and nourish it in order to create a state of youthfulness and vibrant health.

Wake Up… Live the Life You Love in Spirit

Dr. Evers was very honoured when she was selected to co-author a book with Dr. Deepak Chopra, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer & others. She is a great admirer of them and the wondrous work they share with the world. Dr. Wayne Dyer is greatly missed, but his life’s work continues to guide, help and encourage millions of people worldwide.

Reader Comments:
Just loved this book with my favorite authors and how it all blends together giving the important message of hope, love and gratitude. Yes, I and countless others miss the physical presence of the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, but we are most thankful for his wonderful work that carries on. As I am a strong believer in the affirmation process, I was very interested to read Dr. Anne Marie Evers’ section on affirmations and the Affirmation Program. God Bless you all. Thomas, Believer and World Traveler

Affirmations: Your Passport to Happiness – 8th Ed. (Kindle/Paperback)

A powerhouse of techniques and inspiration for all those wishing to take control of their lives. Affirmation Filled with practical exercises, inspiring anecdotes/case histories, and easy-to-follow instructions on how to create your hearts desires, this book is guaranteed to motivate individuals to turn their lives around.

Whether you are looking for a new job, having problems in your relationship, trying to overcome a phobia, or coping with self-esteem issues, this book will show you how to obtain the results you desire. Evers’ Personal Contract Affirmation Method shows readers how to fulfill their dreams through the forgiveness, focus, determination and simple daily techniques. She shows readers how to release old resentments and work with their subconscious minds in order to guarantee success.

If you feel you are falling short of your potential, or you have lost control over your life, Affirmations may be the ‘jump-start’ you need to put you powerfully back on track.

Spark Words (Paperback)

When doing the Spark Word Combo Technique, your desire bypasses the conscious mind and the symbols go directly into the subconscious mind and is not hindered or delayed by negative thoughts of the reasoning, rationalizing and conscious mind, so it works and instantly in some instances.

This particular book explains step-by-step one-of-a-kind, proven, and magical techniques in detail, providing actual pictures of the Spark Word Combos to assist you in the process for quick, laser and successful results.

Affirmation Tools for Creating Prosperity/Money in your Life (Kindle)

This e-book with 83 pages is chuck full of Affirmation Tools, Affirmations, Exercises and Methods showing the reader exactly how to create Prosperity/Money in his or her life in just 30 DAYS.

Affirmations Lite: the essentials (Kindle/Paperback)

A one-of-a-kind book about writing, doing, and practicing effective affirmations in a very simple and proven step-by-step process. Everything you need to know about the wonderful world of affirmations in a concise, clear, entertaining and easy to understand way.

70 Ways to Cope with Cancer and other Medical Treatments (Kindle/Paperback)

Dr. Anne Marie, a colon survivor, provides hope, inspiration and practical tools for those dealing with cancer, chemotherapy, radiation and other challenging treatments/situations. She has been teaching her unique affirmation techniques for over 20 years, through her books, e-books, e-courses, radio/Internet talk shows and lectures at hospitals and organizations. This handbook is just the right size to carry everywhere!

Affirmations: Your Passport to Money/Prosperity (Kindle/Paperback)

Using the “Big Money To Me Now” Affirmation Method, Dr. Anne Marie Evers and Rev. Christine Einarson show readers how to magnetize money and how to focus on key money areas as well as how to problem-solve negative programming.

Affirmations: Your Passport to Lasting, Loving Relationships (Kindle/Paperback)

You have hit the Relationship Creation Jackpot! You need a blueprint — a simple How To Instructional Guide to attract and keep that special person for a lasting, loving and committed relationship. Your blueprint is the Personal Contract Affirmation Method, and is explained in this book. Simple, yet, powerful Affirmation Tools to help you attract, create and keep that wonderful relationship/marriage.

Drop those Unwanted Pounds Using Properly Done Affirmations (Kindle)

This 106 page e-book talks about forgiveness explaining the Cup Weight Release Exercise and many more methods and exercises. It also stresses the importance of loving, respecting and approving of self and the 3 important Aspects of Love. This is a very motivational e-book!

Inspirational Cards of Life (Kindle)

This e-book contains a series of 72 different, colourful, inspirational Cards of Life. There are 12 sections with 6 Cards in each section. The sections are: Health; Relationships; Career; Money; Forgiveness; Fear, Love, Happiness, Children; Beginnings & Endings; Self-Esteem and Spiritual Growth. They are fun, inspiring and beautiful.

The Affirm & Learn Enhancement Program Anti-Violence Book (School) by Rev. Anne Marie Evers & Ms.Marjie Ann Nistad (Spiral bound)

I appreciate your insight in teaching children the skills of conflict resolution. Thanks for your commitment to children everywhere. This curriculum offers eighteen easy lesson plans which can be integrated easily into reading, writing and the Arts. Students struggling to find peace is an alarming trend. This book teaches students how to change the struggle within themselves.