Love Magnet

My good comes from everyone and everywhere and everything.

Have you experienced some ups and downs when searching for real love? Now is the time to forgive and let go of past hurts and disappointments from previous relationships. Say: “Delete, Delete that is not true!” Fill that space with “I am happy to release those negative thoughts and words about never meeting that special person or creating lasting love in your present relationship.” It is time to invite him or her into your life for a lifetime of dancing and romancing. You are the creator of your life experiences. You have that wondrous power within you. Now go ahead and create it right here and right now!

I, (your name) now am a powerful love magnet. The ideal life partner I now enjoy in my present, lasting, loving relationship. Thank you, thank you, thank you. To the Good of all. I fully accept. (Sign your name and date it.)