Be Aware

I become more and more aware each day and recognize that awareness is the first step in changing.

There is a certain type of magic that is connected with you and all that you do. Thoughts of love are sent to you. If you are not already in such a love relationship, that very special committed relationship is on its way be aware, prepare the way, accept and enjoy it. Strive for clear sailing. Action, love and happiness abound.

Write in big, green letters on a huge Chart Paper the sum of money that you desire. Then write, “I now attract and keep that special love partner in my life.” Get up in the middle of the night and go into a dark room, with all the lights off and take a flashlight and switch it off and on at the Chart Paper, Do this three times, say “Thank you, thank you, thank you for my special love partner.” Go back to bed and immediately go to sleep. To the Good of All. I fully accept. (Sign your name and date it.)