E-Course Affirmation Tools Help Cope with Chemo and other Medical Treatments

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This free e-course ‘Affirmation Tools Help Cope with Side Effect of Chemo and/or Other Medical Treatments’ consists of 74 pages sent to your inbox daily. Every day an Affirmation Life Tool dealing with a specific negative side effect appears to help you on your health challenge. I have used these Affirmation Life Tools daily over the past year and a half during my health and grief challenge.

On July 14th 2013 I underwent surgery, was diagnosed with colon cancer, developed a severe infection, took chemo and in the middle of my chemo treatment my husband Reg passed away suddenly of a massive heart attack. I was totally overwhelmed with grief and nausea from the chemo and felt as if I was at the bottom of a pit. Then I thought to myself why not create something to help me cope? I thought about all the years that I had been teaching the power of properly done Affirmations and decided to create some Affirmation Life Tools that I could start using right now. So I took some Affirmations and weaved them together with some exercises and methods which became my Affirmation Life Tools.

My doctor was very impressed with my steady progress and asked how I kept on being upbeat and positive while going through this very real and difficult process. When I shared with him that I was using the Affirmation Life Tools that I had created to help me . . . and he and I both knew how they were helping me, he asked if I would share these Affirmation Life Tools with other chemo patients and those going through difficult medical treatments. I said that I would be pleased and honoured to do so. So now the last Friday of every month I do a lecture at the Evergreen House Board room, a part of Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver B.C. from 11:00 a.m.- 12:00 noon. It is a Free Lecture and everyone is welcome. It is designed to help the patient, their family and caregivers.

My new book . . Affirmation Life Tools – 70 Ways to Cope with Chemo and other Medical Treatments will be released in March of 2015, in both book and e-book form and available on www.amazon.com

With Love and many Affirmation Blessings

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