Dear Anne Marie.  You are a Light and a Blessing to me, to Nahoku and to the World. You were born into this Light as an Angel, placed upon Earth to bring humans home to the remembrance of their light . May God care for you. Love without End! Kahuna Kalei, Big Island, Hawaii, October 15, 2009.                                                                                                                                                                 

Thank you for affirming your faith in Angels and the most special blessings you share with all. Love Randi Dear Anne Marie: Thank you for allowing us to come and share this wonderful space and energy with you today. Such a joy! You have such a beautiful spirit. Blessings. – Tracey                                                                                                                                               

 Thank U X 3 for the Angelic  Wonderful Angelic feeling while Anne Marie and I meditating. Thanx X3 Blessings in the Chapel on Affirmation Creek . . . Love Josie God Bless!

Dear Anne Marie   I do love you so very much. Thank you for having time for me. I think the Chapel is a lovely place to have a Cards of Life Reading and being close to God makes a person feel good in there. Margaret     

I love your heart and soul. You are the Angel of the world. Thank U, Thank  U, Thank U for being three for me. Love and gratitude – Sharon

We loved your Angel Chapel. It felt so safe and cozy. Love and laugh. – Leslee and Victoria   

Dear Anne Marie: Thank you for the wonderful visit to your Angel Chapel. May you be blessed in your wonderful work here. I will keep you in my heart and thoughts forever. Love Cecilia 

Joy, love, happiness laughter. It all lives here. What beautiful energy. I feel so inspired. Love and Blessings to Reg and Dr. Evers and the little Angel Chapel on the hill.  Blessings on this magnificent, magical space for both of you – for you, Reg for all the joy, and love you share and know that the wonderful Angel Chapel is blessing multitudes and the launch is for the world wide Virtal Angel Chapel that you built. Love Joyanna

Dr. Anne Marie and Reggie. May the rainbows always touch your shoulders and your moccasins make happy trails. I love you both. Connie   

Thank you Dr. Anne Marie and Pastor Reg and the fabulous Angel Chapel. I can now dry my eyes and get on with my life. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon and all your wisdom. Love Hedy Angel Chapel Supporter

 I feel as if I am in a magical world and my problems just fade away. It feels cozy, warm and angelic. Reggie you did a wonderful job. Thank you for your insight, love and compassion always and your wonderful  loving help Lisa P.            

  . .  . . . A little piece of heaven for the good of all parties concerned. 

The Angel Chapel was built by Reg with all his love for his beautiful wife Anne Marie and for all who enter. What a wonderful testament of love for his wife. 

Thank you x 3 for the Angelic Direction Dr. Anne Marie. Love Shelby

Wonderful Angelic feeling while Dr. Anne Marie and I were praying and meditating in the Angel Chapel on Affirmation.  – Robert

Anne Marie You are one of the most special, loving sincere ladies I have ever been blessed to know. You truly are a walking Angel and Reggies’ wings may need a little polishing  but he is one of the most special, loving and sincere gentleman that I have also been blessed to know. May the two you walk on together. Much Love Sandee

It was wonderful saying prayers with you – Dr. Anne Marie. I love the Chapel that Reg built for you. I can feel the Angel presence. Thank you for your help and the time you gave for me and of every one of us. You are very loved by many Angels, Spirits and humans. You are a very special to me. I wish you perfect health, total happiness and never ending prosperity. I love you. 

What a special treat to visit your special place. What a great Angelic presence.  I love the Angel Chapel, Magical, lovely location and totally  wonderful company. This is like what heaven must be! Rory                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I feel like singing, "Peace is flowing like a river – Caroline                                

This is heaven on earth. An Affirmation Dream come true. A sense of peacefulness invades the whole place. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the work you do, Dr. Evers and much gratefulness  – the Rogers Family

Thank you so much Dr. Anne Marie and Reggie for having our Affirmation Group meet at your house and Angel Chapel. Thank you for all the goodies you made for us all, Reg. Your Angel Chapel is wonderful. This was a very special treat. for all of us.. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Love Maureen

Dear Dr. Anne Marie & Reg –Thank you for inviting me to your be Angel Chapel. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing my Cards of Life reading in this delightful Chapel. Reg is marvelous and so talented and supportive. I love this cozy spot in the woods. There is such a sense of safety and serenity away from outside influences . . . Thank you, thank you. – Jonathan

 God and His Angels in this little Angel Chapel. I am so grateful.. Dar and John. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the beautiful Memorial Service you did for my husband Bill.. It was great closure for my daughter and I both. We cannot thank you enough for providing this wonderful Angelic space and lovely ceremony. 

To think of finding such a special place as this tucked away in the trees beside a bubbling creek was more than I ever dreamed of. And to experience the Angelic presence was totally awesome, an experience I will always keep close to my heart with much gratefulness to both you Dr. Evers and Reggie. Much love from all of us at your Affirmation Group

Dearest Anne Marie   I was feeling anxious, insecure and a lot worried about some personal issues I was having. As I stepped out of my car I felt this sudden urge to cry out loud, a feeling of "Yes, you are at the right place!" As I was waiting outside the Chapel for you Anne Marie I picked out an affirmation and it read about having different views of different people and that is what I was going through—not being able to understand other peoples; views. Sitting in the Chapel Anne Marie I felt CALM, AT PEACE and I felt I had the answer I needed. Sorry my dear friend I’m going on and on but the experience I felt that day and the TALK I had that day with you has changed me once again for a better me! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being you–caring, kind, gentle and a true friend that you are! With love and many blessings. Sadna S. North Vancouver, BC 

Dear Anne Marie  – You touched our lives and our hearts. We are eternally grateful for your light and love and beauty that make our world brighter and the world at large. You are forever in our hearts and a part of our family. Being re-committed (to our marriage) by you in the Angel  Chapel has anchored in the newness of who we are today and the foundations of what brought use together. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Davindia Steele and Cameron Steele, Owners of http://contacttalkradio.com, Seattle, WA

Dear Anne Marie  I loved the Angel Chapel space. It is a calming atmosphere. A small space where all can feel at peace–no matter what problems there are.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.    Denise 

Dearest Reverend Dr. Anne Marie & Reverend Reg!  Your little Angel Chapel is absolutely heaven sent. not does it evoke a beautiful and comforting energy, it also has been a little piece of heaven here on earth for many. Great job Reg in building a ‘Stairway to Heaven’  for Anne Marie and everyone!  Lots of Love to both of you  Deborra  XO 

SOME REMARKS About The Angel Chapel Video December 11th, 2009 created by Peter 


So Peaceful and Serene

Heavenly and 

Couldn’t stop the tears – I was overwhelmed with joy and peace

Felt so close to God and His Angels

Much healing energy and power in this  wondrous place

I felt a wonderful sense of peace and healing in my 

This video will bring people closer to God 

What an experience, totally wonderful, one which I did not expect and will never forget. I love the music and presentation.

What an experience, totally wonderful, one which I did not expect — I loved the music and presentation 


This video should be seen worldwide

 I couldn’t listen to it once, I played it over and over again

 Totally awesome! The creator captured the magic of it 

I loved the moving water, leaves, nature, Affirmation Creek and all of it, I believe it captured Dr. Anne Marie Evers’ loving energy.

My kids just love it. I hear it playing over and over

There should be more videos of this kind. We need them in this day and age.’  I have emailed this video to family members and friends and they all love the angelic energy I would comment ‘Let us all do our part to get this video out to the masses" Words can’t describe how this video affected me in a spiritual way



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 Dearest Friends

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you all for your loving support with my Angel Chapel, phone testimonials – calls, emails, snail mail etc.over the past many years.This is truly another one of my daily affirmations has manifested (to get my message of hope out into the world and just think — you are sitting or standing there with me and reading or listening my information.

Another year has passed and many changes have taken place for all of us, some very favourable and some not so much! My advice to everyone, including myself is to practice living and enjoying every moment of every day to the fullest. I believe one of the secrets of happiness is to live in the moment, and also to live in an attitude of gratitude for the blessings we have received; the ones that we are receiving; and the ones that we are about to receive.

Real, true happiness comes from within (it is an inside job). My Affirmation for you my dear friend is great health; happiness, love, joy, prosperity, loving relationships and harmony. Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work! And so it is!


Please contact me by email and share your story/experience with properly done Affirmations. Affirmations are similar to prayers, wishes, or goals, only they are more structured and specific. To affirm is to make firm and simply put the basis of all Affirmations and they work through The Law of Attraction for every single person.  To find out more about the 5 W’s of Affirmations and the important 5 Building Blocks, which are the firm and solid foundation upon which my Affirmation program is built., just send me an email with your questions. You will also learn the how – how to make them work specifically for your particular need or want.

Love and Affirmation Blessings – Dr. Anne Marie Evers

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