We suggest that if you wish to get the most benefit out of these meditations you now relax.  Take a deep breath (through your nose) and breathe in peace, ,joy, love and happiness. Hold it for a moment, then on the out-breath (through your mouth), breathe out all negativity. Breathe in again, think of love, joy and happiness, Hold it for a moment, now breathe out again all negativity. 

Repeat this one more time: Breathe in again, think of love, joy and happiness. Hold it, now breathe out again all negativity. Now take a minute to relax. Feel your body’s energies at peace, and let your breathing continue softly in and out. Let your mind follow the path of feeling total content in a cocoon surrounded by love. 

You are ready to embark on your incredible, wondrous journey into self-discovery and self-realization. A world that only YOU can discover, and knowing that you are safe and protected to go there.  

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Anxiety Meditation

Career Meditation

Forgiveness Meditation

Health Meditation

Money Meditation

Non-Smoker Mediation

Relationship Meditation

Self Esteem Mediation