One in a series of 8 Meditations

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 I’m Reverend Christine Einarson and I am here to take you on a very powerful short meditation created by Dr. Anne Marie Evers.
 Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down, one where you will not be disturbed.
 Wear comfortable clothes. Clear your mind of all cares, worries and endless thoughts. Just allow yourself to BE.
Now take several deep breaths, on the out-breath,  breathe out all and any negativity and on the in-breath, breathe in peace, joy, love and happiness. Now you are ready to embark on your incredible, wondrous journey into self-discovery and self-realization, a world that only YOU can discover.
                                                       Let’s Begin
Gently close your eyes and with your eyes closed, take my hand and I will lead you to the top of the 3 steps that will take you down into deep meditation. These steps are covered in pure velvet so you can take off your shoes and go in your bare feet if you wish.
1st Step 
You are so safe and becoming more and more relaxed. You are also so excited and enthusiastic about this journey.
2nd Step   
Down deeper, deeper into relaxation, still so safe and protected and peaceful. Your body is a little numb and so-o-o relaxed that you just don’t feel like moving it.
3rd Step
Take this last step down and step onto the soft, glistening carpet of grass. You have arrived. Look around you at the beautiful garden of Angels, flowers, trees and God’s creations.
Look — Look over there – there is the River of Career. The water is a gorgeous dark green color and on its bank is a container; you reach down and fill it with this Magical Green Water. As you stand up you the Angel of Career is holding some papers in her hand as she walks up to greet you.
The Angel asks you in a soft, melodious voice what you would like today. Think about it, really think about it. What type of career would make you feel fulfilled and happy? When you have decided exactly what you desire, tell the Angel of Career your request and ask that the Angel take care of it in her own way. (Angels are our guardians who are here to help us but only when we ask). She hands you a paper with 3 careers listed thereon that she feels you could enjoy or that may be suitable for you. It is up to you to choose the one that is right for you at this particular time in your life.
Select the desired one and then feel that paper containing the appropriate information between your fingers. Hear people saying, “(your name) congratulations you now have the position you applied for;” See it materializing in your mind; You feel so safe, so protected. Now bring in your other physical senses Smell your favorite flower scent; and for Taste take a drink of the dark green water you have in your container to complete the 5 physical senses.
As you stand there you are completely in awe. This has never happened to you before. It seems so unbelievable, but as you gaze at the Angel of Career something magical takes place. All of a sudden you can see yourself actually being in and working in that particular career. It makes you feel so happy, peaceful and relaxed for this is the perfect, lasting successful career for you and you KNOW it!
Take a stroll while holding the Career Description that you have chosen in your hand and whisper “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” to the Angel of Career for the miracle.
A h h h   ………….. Just take a few moments to be quiet and enjoy this feeling of total satisfaction. Allow these feelings to sink deep into your subconscious mind where they takes root, grows and expands into every part of your body. In this relaxed state you fully accept and receive this incredible gift—your perfect, lasting, successful career.
In this deep state of complete relaxation allow these words to sink deep into your subconscious mind – “Perfect, lasting, successful career for me now.”
Also enjoy the feeling that you will never be in a state of unemployment again, or worried and stressed about lack of employment. You will always have that perfect, lasting, successful career (Just what you have affirmed).
Pause for a second or so. Now start your short journey home back up the stairs you came down.
3rd Step 
Going up, still relaxed and peaceful. You are feeling more and more relaxed and very peaceful as the time goes by.
2nd Step
Going up still another step. You really don’t want to leave this totally awesome place, but you know you have to go back to reality.
1st Step
You have arrived.
It is time to take a deep breath and breathe in the fresh. brisk air realizing that you will never be worried or stressed out again about being unemployed. You have your Career Description from the Angel of Career and can now feel the wondrous power working for you. You are so happy and excited. And you just KNOW you already have that perfect, lasting, successful career for you right here and right now.
At the count of 3 you will become wide awake and happy and excited to go on about your everyday life.
     1     Open your eyes and look around;
     2     Become aware of where you are;
     3     Wide awake, excited and full of enthusiasm and expectancy. 
And know that Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!
The good news is that you can go back to visit your special Career place anytime you wish, just play this Meditation to bring back all the memories though each time it will seem different—at times more in depth, sometimes more serious and other times full of fun and laughter.
You have your Magic Career Wand, your Trigger Tool to make your Career Meditation a reality. You have taken your Affirmation out of the unreal (the unknown), and placed it into the real (the known) by participating in this Career Meditation. You already have that special, perfect, lasting, successful career which is now appearing in your reality!  Say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” and live in an attitude of gratitude. Be open, accept and receive your completed Career Affirmation.
Act ‘As if’ you already are in that perfect career. It is yours! Step into it. After this Meditation you will never be the same. All worry, concern and frustration about being unemployed, unhappy at your career, not being able to pay your bills, or go on trips have completely evaporated, Now you can put your kids through college, have a big fat bank account and do all the things you want to do.
For even greater impact it is suggested that you write out the following—
“I, (your name) deserve and now have the perfect, lasting successful; career for me wherein I earn in excess of $________ yearly (net or gross). My career is in the perfect location.  My employers and all others reward me for my excellent work. I have and enjoy harmonious bosses Colleagues, work conditions and fellow employees. I enjoy harmonyin every aspect of my career. I use my creative abilities to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you thank you, thank you.”
I fully accept
Signed _________________
Dated __________________

Now add the Short form Affirmation which consists of several key words taken from your Master Affirmation, which are — ‘PERFECT, LASTING SUCCESSFUL CAREER FOR ME. Make sure you look at it and repeat it to yourself often to magnetize and draw it into your mind.

 Thank you for listening and we support you in realizing your heart’s desire.
                                                    What One Reader Has to Say About Doing a Career Affirmation–
. . . I was very unhappy in my career and I did an Affirmation for the perfect, lasting, successful career for me where I was happy and fulfilled and I was able to use my creative abilities. I also asked that my employers appreciate my excellent work and reward me accordingly. What took place shortly after doing my Affirmations was totally unbelievable to me. I received a call from an organization that I had an interview with several months earlier. They asked me to come in for a follow-up interview and hired me on the spot. The great news is that they wanted me to apply myself in the creative, adverting work and the salary offered was far more than I ever dreamed of or affirmed so. I am so glad I created my Affirmation in such a way that my salary was ‘in excess’ of the amount I was asking for. Wow I was totally blown away. I love my career and have been there now for six wonderful months! I am a believer! Charles, Promotion Company, Seattle, WA

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