MONEY/PROSPERITY MEDITATION —                                                                                                                                                                                       SHORT YET VERY POWERFUL VOICE MEDITATION

One in a series of 8 meditations

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I’m Reverend Christine Einarson and I’m here to take you on a very powerful short meditation created by Dr. Anne Marie Evers. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down, one where you will not be disturbed. Wear comfortable clothes.
Clear your mind of all cares, worries and endless thoughts. Just allow yourself to BE.
Now take several deep breaths, on the out-breath, breathe out all and any negativity and on the in-breath, breathe in peace, joy, love and happiness.
Now you are ready to embark on your incredible, wondrous journey into self-discovery and self-realization, a world that only YOU can discover.
                                                                                                  Let’s Begin
Gently close your eyes and with your eyes closed, take my hand and I will lead you to the top of the 3 steps that will take you down into deep meditation. These steps are covered in pure velvet so you can take off your shoes and go in your bare feet if you wish
1st Step 
You are so safe and becoming more and more relaxed, yet very excited and enthusiastic about your journey.
2nd Step   
Down deeper, deeper into relaxation, still so safe and protected and peaceful. Your body is a little numb and so-o-o relaxed you just don’t feel like moving it.
3rd Step
Take this step down and step onto the soft, glistening carpet of grass. You have arrived. Look around you at the beautiful garden of Angels, flowers, trees and God’s exquisite creations.
Look — Look over there. Notice the big, over-stuffed, comfortable chair under a willow tree. Sit down in the chair and feel yourself sink deep into relaxation. In this deep state of total relaxation, let’s examine and release some negative programming from the past such as, “I am not good enough,   Money is the root of all evil,   I don’t deserve to be wealthy when people are starving all over the world,” and any other thoughts that come to mind. Pause for a moment or two and allow any such negative statements to surface in your mind.
Now, one by one release them totally and let them go. These statements are NOT true for you. You ARE a wonderful, creative person, and money is NOT the root of all evil; in the Bible it says the’ Love’ of money is the root of all evil, You do DESERVE to be healthy, happy and prosperous and it is impossible for you to be able to save the whole world. It’s time to create a whole new set of feelings such as: “I am a wonderful person. I deserve the very best in life and now enjoy it. I know it is my birthright to be healthy, happy and prosperous and I am. Money is my friend and I love and appreciate it. I will tithe some of my coming riches to a church or organization that is helping others or person (s) where I receive my spiritual food.” The next step is to write down your new set of feelings on a piece of paper and put it in your pocket so that you can refer to them whenever you wish
A h h h ………….. Just take a few moments to be quiet and totally enjoy these delightful and wonderful feelings. Allow these positive statements and feelings to sink deep into your subconscious mind where they will take root, grow and expand to every part of your body. In this relaxed state you totally accept and receive this incredible gift of feeling prosperous. You feel rich, yes very rich these feelings at present only exist in this magical place and in your mind and consciousness and are not yet a reality in your life.
Now that you have examined your negative beliefs about money and let them go completely and created new and positive ones, it is time to begin this exercise in visualization.
 This is an Exercise created to help you develop and increase your prosperity consciousness
(in your mind)
Select a high end Restaurant or Hotel in your area. Dress up in your best clothes and go there. Bring in your 5 physical senses. See the beautiful, expensive, lavish surroundings and the elegantly dressed people; Smell the wonderful smell of fresh apple pie; Hear the waitperson asking to take your order. Order tea &/or coffee and a very expensive lunch or dessert. Feel how prosperous you feel as you sink into the deep cushioned chair. When your order arrives. enjoy the Taste of that delicious food. Know that you can come back, in your mind, whenever you please to experience this wonderful sensation and feeling of prosperity. Whisper to yourself, “This must be what it feels like to have a lot of money and spend it as you wish.”
The feelings of a wealthy person penetrate into your subconscious mind and you KNOW that money is on its way to you. Know that you will always have the feeling of abundance of money and prosperity in your life.
Pause for a second or two before you start your short journey home back up the stairs you came down.
3rd Step 
Going up, still relaxed, peaceful and oh so thankful.
2nd Step
Going up still another step. You really don’t want to leave this magical place of money and abundance but you know you have to go back to reality.
1st Step
You have arrived.
You take a deep breath and breathe in the fresh, crisp air.
At the count of 3 you will become wide awake, happy and excited to go on about your everyday life.
1   Open your eyes and look around.
2   Become aware of where you are.
3   Wide Awake, excited and full of enthusiasm and expectancy.
                    And know that Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!
The good news is that you can go back to visit your special place any time you wish, just play this meditation and you will bring back all the memories. Each time you go on the meditation it will be different—at times more in depth, sometimes more serious and other times full of fun and laughter.
Say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you for this marvelous meditation and live in an attitude of gratitude. Be open, accept and receive your completed meditation. In your mind youare rich, yes very, very rich.  
               For even greater impact it is suggested that you write out the following–
             Sample Master Affirmation for Attracting Money/Prosperity
 “I, (your name) deserve and now receive in excess of $________________yearly net of extra. money.
I become wealthier and wealthier. Money flows to me now in avalanches of abundance. I use my money wisely and share with those who are striving to help themselves. I am safe and protected to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you”
I fully accept
Signed ___________________       
Dated ____________________
Add the Short form Affirmation which consists of several key words taken from your Master Affirmation, which are,MONEY FLOWS TO ME NOW.” Keep this statement in your wallet and make sure you look at it and repeat it to yourself often to magnetize and draw it into your mind
Thank you for listening and we support you in realizing your heart’s desire.
How Affirmations, Faith and Belief Saved His Business from Bankruptcy
Vic Writes
Dear Dr. Evers
After doing the Big Money to Me Method* and writing out the Money Affirmation and following the process for three months faithfully with as much faith and expectancy as I could muster up, I accidentally found a very valuable coin that I did not know I had in my coin collection. It turned out to be worth $20,000! It saved my business from going bankrupt. I cannot thank you enough for your positive information and help via your books and radio programs. The subconscious mind does not differentiate between the real and the imagined so my mind accepted this statement as true and went to work immediately to manifest it for me. Thank you for helping me awaken my subconscious mind, which in turn created this money miracle in my life. Gratefully Vic. Businessman, Chicago, USA
*Taken from my book, Affirmations Your Passport to Money/Prosperity . . . Page 70
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