One in  a Series of 8 Meditations

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I’m Reverend Christine Einarson and I’m here to take you on a very powerful short meditation created by Dr. Anne Marie Evers. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down, one where you will not be disturbed. Wear comfortable clothes.
Clear your mind of all cares, worries and endless thoughts. Just allow yourself to BE.
Now take several deep breaths, on the out-breath, breathe out all and any negativity and on the in-breath, breathe in peace, joy, love and happiness.


Now you are ready to embark on your incredible, wondrous journey into self-discovery and self-realization, a world that only YOU can discover.                           
Let’s Begin
Gently close your eyes and with your eyes closed, take my hand and I will lead you to the top of the 3 steps that will take you down into deep meditation. These steps are covered in pure velvet so you can take off your shoes and go in bare feet if you wish.
1st Step 
You are so safe and becoming more and more relaxed. You are excited and enthusiastic about this journey.
2nd Step   
Down deeper, deeper into relaxation, still so safe and protected and peaceful. Your body is a little numb and so-o-o relaxed you just don’t feel like moving it.
3rd Step
Take this step down and step onto the soft, glistening carpet of grass. Your have arrived. Look around you at the beautiful garden of Angels, flowers, trees and God’s creative handiwork.
Look — Look over there — There is the River of Health. See its clear blue waters. Take a container from the bank and fill it with this sparkling blue water. See the Teaching Angel of Non-smoking beckoning you to come closer. She shows you a beautiful little brick school house and invites you to come inside.
The room is very inviting. There are some desks and a huge blackboard on the wall. On the blackboard is written these three letters and words – A B C – A-Always; B-Be; C-Cleansing.
A-Always accept responsibility for your health. Accept responsibility for the damage that smoking is doing to your body. Learn about and understand the full nature of the harmful effects of smoking. Always be conscious of what you can do to assist your body in cleansing, healing, & revitalizing.
B-BE YOURSELF. Never attempt to copy others. You are unique. Believe that you can and do it, that is QUIT smoking this very minute. Be willing to explore various avenues of healing and set out to accomplish this. Listen to the advice from your Doctor and/or Healthcare Practitioner. Take into consideration what other well-meaning people are saying then make your own decisions based on the information you have obtained.
C Cleanse your mind, emotions and body of harmful drugs, nicotine, negative thoughts, emotions or chemicals. Nicotine and drugs can act as poisons in your system.
You make the choice. You can choose to quit smoking or you can choose to keep on smoking. One of the natural laws of the Universe is the Law of Cause and Effect. What you do is the cause and the affect of that action is the result. Physicians and Health Organizations, etc have proven that smoking can be harmful and cause all kinds of discomfort. You cannot concentrate on sickness and health at the same time. Two opposing thoughts cannot live under the same mental roof at the same time.
Now the Teaching Angel gives you three silver letters to take home to remind you –
A B C You take them in your hand and look at them, All of a sudden a light comes on and a movie starts in your head showing you as a non-smoker, healthy, happy and radiant. That movie is etched on your mind and you know you will never smoke again in your life.
You See yourself as a non-smoker; Feel what it feels like to be smoke-free; Hear people congratulating you on quitting smoking; Smell the fresh, clear air and for Taste take a drink of beautiful sparkling blue water that you have in your container to complete the 5 physical senses.
The Angel reminds you how important it is to bring in your five physical senses when doing your Affirmations and/or meditations.
As you stand there you are completely in awe. This has never happened to you before. It seems unbelievable to you. You feel so totally empowered and completely free—free of the habit of smoking. Your heart rejoices.
Take a stroll holding all the Angel Letters in your hand as you Whisper “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” to the Teaching Angel of Non-Smoking for this miracle.
A h h h ………….. Just take a few moments to be quiet and totally enjoy this totally wonderful feeling of freedom. Think of how you are improving your health and saving money at the same time!. Allow these wonderful feelings to sink deep into your subconscious mind where they will take root, grow and expand into every part of your body. In this relaxed state you totally accept and receive this incredible gift—the gift of non-smoking. You will never have the urge to smoke again
Pause for a second or before you start your short journey home back up the stairs you came down.
3rd Step 
Going up, still relaxed and peaceful. You are feeling more and more relaxed and peaceful as the time goes by.
2nd Step
Going up still another step. You really don’t want to leave this fabulous place, but you know you have to go back to reality.
1st Step
You have arrived. You take a deep breath and breathe in the fresh morning air.  You will never be a smoker again. Close the book to smoking
You have your Angel Letters and now you can feel the healing power surging throughout your body, relaxing, comforting, giving you the strength and courage to be and stay a non-smoker.
You are so happy, excited. You have closed the book to smoking and its negative affects and opened the new book to be healthy, clean lungs and optimum health.  At the count of 3 you will become wide awake and happy and excited to go on about your everyday life.
1    Open your eyes and look around.
2.   Become aware of where you are.
3    Wide Awake, excited and full of enthusiasm and expectancy.
                                            And KNOW that Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!
The good news is that you can go back to visit this special, loving, supportive place anytime you wish, just play this Meditation and you will bring back all the memories. Each time you go on the meditation it will be different—at times more in depth, sometimes more serious and other times full of fun and laughter.
You have your Magic Non-Smoking Wand, your Trigger Tool to make your Smoke-Free Meditation a reality. You have taken your Affirmation out of the unreal (the unknown), and placed it into the real (the known) by participating in this Non-Smoker’s Meditation You already are that non-smoker. Now say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” and live in an attitude of gratitude. Be open, accept and receive your completed non-smoking Affirmation. 
Act ‘As if’ you are already are a non-smoker.
It is yours!
Step into it.
Enjoy your new sense of total freedom, healthy lungs and abundant health!

                            For even greater impact it is suggested that you write out the following —    

                                                     SAMPLE MASTER AFFIRMATION FOR NON-SMOKER
“I, (your name) deserve and NOW am a non-smoker. My health is improving daily. The desire to smoke becomes less and less every day until it completely leaves my body. I enjoy being a non-smoker. I enjoy a smoke-free environment. My body and mind now totally accept this Affirmation as a statement of truth. My lungs are becoming healthier and healthier. I am peaceful and happy to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
 I fully Accept
Signed ___________________
 Dated ____________________
Now add at the end the Short form Affirmation which consists of several key words taken from your Master Affirmation, which are
Keep this statement in  your wallet and make sure you look at it and repeat it to yourself often to magnetize and draw it into your mind.
Thank you for listening and we support you in realizing your heart’s desire.
 Powerful Affirmations Help Lance Release Negative Habits of Smoking & Drinking
Dear Dr. Evers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I thought I would never be able to stop smoking and drinking. They seemed to go hand-in-hand with me. I would have a drink with a cigarette. When hearing you on the radio, I became interested and began to feel the hope welling up in me, which I had never felt before. As you said we are the Captains of our Ships and the only Creators in our Life, so it is up to us to make changes if we desire. At first I decided to stop smoking. This was a big decision for me as I had been smoking for 37 years. I did my non-smoking Affirmations, morning, noon and night. It was very interesting as after a few weeks of faithfully doing them, I found I did not crave a smoke when I took a drink. That was a great revelation! I felt so powerful and free. I did it, I really did it! My friends kept asking me what I was doing so I finally told them. Then I decided, on my own to quit drinking. I then focused on that I was a non-drinker of alcohol beverages. Much to my surprise the same thing happened. I lost my desire to drink excessively. Oh yes, now I have a drink of wine at a wedding or social function, but I stop there. I am in control. I love those words. I am in control of my life! I have never been happier. Lance, Photographer, Detroit, USA


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Should you decide to record this meditation in your own voice NEVER play the Audio when driving a vehicle