One of a series of 8 meditations
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 I’m Reverend Christine Einarson and I’m here to take you on a very powerful short meditation created by Dr. Anne Marie Evers.
Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down, one where you will not be disturbed. Wear comfortable clothes.
Clear your mind of all cares, worries and endless thoughts. Just allow yourself to BE.
Now take several deep breaths, on the out-breath, breathe out all and any negativity and on the in-breath, breathe in peace, joy, love and happiness.
Now you are ready to embark on your incredible, wondrous journey into self-discovery and self-realization, a world that only YOU can discover.

Let’s Begin
Gently close your eyes. and with your eyes closed, take my hand and I will lead you to the top of the 3 steps that will take you down into deep meditation. These steps are covered in pure velvet so you can take off your shoes and go in your bare feet if you wish.
1st Step 
You are so safe and becoming more and more relaxed, yet excited and enthusiastic about your journey.
2nd Step   
Down deeper, deeper into relaxation, still so safe, protected and peaceful. Your body is a little numb and so-o-o relaxed you just don’t feel like moving it.
3rd Step
Take this step down and step onto the soft, glistening carpet of grass. You have arrived. Look around you at the beautiful garden of Angels, flowers, trees and God’s exquisite creations. See the River of Relationship with its beautiful soft pink colored water. Take a container from the bank and fill it with as much water as you wish.
Look — Look over there — There is a person approaching you. This is the person you have been longing for, the person that you wish to share your life with.
Now you see only the outline and as he/she comes closer you notice something. They have their hands out to receive you. You can see all the qualities that you desire, (the ones that you, yourself possess) such as loving kindness, faithfulness, honesty, gentleness, generous, healthy — physically, mentally and emotionally.
Take a step towards this person. See the person in your mind’s eye; Feel his or her arms around you; you feel so safe, so protected. Now bring in your other three physical senses. Hear him or her saying, “Your name, I have been waiting all my life for you. Now I have found you. I love you;” Smellhis cologne or her perfume and for Tastetake a drink of sparkling, soft pink water that you have in your container to complete the 5 physical senses.
As you look into this person’s eyes, your heart is filled with love and thanksgiving. The love flows from their eyes to your eyes and fills both your hearts with rejoicing. Here he or she is. Your heart’s desire. The ‘love’ of your life.
Take a stroll together in the beautiful meadow, hand-in-hand. Share whatever secrets you wish with that person and he/she shares with you.
A h h h   ………….. Just take a moment or two to be quiet and totally enjoy these blissful feelings. Allow these wonderful feelings to sink deep into your subconscious mind where they will take root, grow and expand to every part of your body. In this relaxed state you totally accept and receive this incredible gift. You have met ‘THE ONE’ that you have been waiting for–the one that you were born to enjoy living and being with.
Pause for a second or so.
Now he/she gently and lovingly takes your hand and guides you toward the stairway to go back. He or she blows you a kiss.


3rd Step 
Going up, still relaxed and peaceful.
 2nd Step
Going up still another step. You really don’t want to leave this absolutely magical, loving place, but you know you have to go back to reality. You also know you can come back whenever you please.
1st Step
You have arrived—back to where you started from.
You take a deep breath and breathe in the fresh, brisk air.
You will never be alone again.
You have your special life partner, your soul-mate, the love of your life, your other half.
You are so totally thankful, happy and excited.
At the count of 3 you will become wide awake and happy and feeling very excited to go on about your everyday life.
1   Open your eyes and look around.
2   Become aware of where you are.
3   Wide awake, excited and full of enthusiasm and expectancy.
          And know that Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!
The good news is that you can go back to visit your special love and special place anytime you wish, just play this Meditation and you will bring back all the memories. Each time you go on the meditation it will be different—at times more in depth, sometimes more serious and other times full of fun and laughter.
You have your Magic Relationship/Marriage Wand, your Trigger Tool to make your Relationship/Marriage Meditation a reality. You have taken your Affirmation out of the unreal (the unknown), and placed it into the real (the known) by participating in this Relationship Meditation. You already have that special, loving and committed Relationship that turns into marriage (if that is what you desire), AND it is appearing in your life RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW!
Now say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” and live in an attitude of gratitude. Be open, accept and receive your completed Affirmation.
Act ‘As if’ you are already in that physical loving relationship. It is yours! Step into it. Totally enjoy your magnificent creation. Expect that special Love, Life Partner to jump right out of your Meditation!
After this meditation you will never be the same. All worry and frustration about meeting that special person has evaporated and he/she has appeared in your life.
            For even greater impact it is suggested that you write out the following
     Sample Master Affirmation to Attract That Special Relationship
    “I, (your name) deserve and now have the perfect lasting, happy, loving relationship
    for me which turns into marriage (if I so desire) with the perfect person for me.
   He/she is kind, loving, unattached, financially independent, generous, nice- looking,
    etc. (List all the qualities you wish in that person—the ones that you, yourself
    possess). He/she loves and adores me as I love and adore him/her. We get
    along harmoniously and with each other’s families. We dance, go out to shows,
    dinner, travel, (golf, play tennis, etc.) together.  We are happy, loving and
    peaceful to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
    I fully accept 
    Signed  __________________
    Dated ___________________


Now at the end add the Short form Affirmation which consists of several key words taken from your Master Affirmation which are, “I NOW HAVE THE PERFECT, HAPPY AND LOVING RELATIONSHIP. Keep this statement your wallet and make sure you look at it and repeat it to yourself often to magnetize and draw it into your mind.
Thank you for listening and we support you  in realizing your heart’s desire.
Affirmations Attracted Len’s Special Love
. . . Boy did I meet the gal of my dreams and it is all due to your teaching of the affirmations process. She is all I ever wanted and much more. We are happy and we just wanted you to know, Dr. Evers. Love and hugs, Len, Gardener from Montreal Canada



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Should you decide to record this meditation in your own voice NEVER play the Audio when driving a vehicle