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The Angel Chapel Website is all about the power of Prayer, Forgiveness and much more.
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Prayer is the act of communicating with a deity, (God/Creator). This can be done in the form of a petition, request and/or Affirmation in adoration and thanksgiving. It could be an earnest or urgent request for healing or assistance. Prayer opens the door for communication with God and it is one of the greatest tools ever. I believe that Affirmations are similar to prayer, wishes or goals.
I believe that one of the shortest and most powerful prayers in the world is – “Dear Father, Thank you, thank you, thank you.” It is important when we pray to reflect for a moment or two connecting  with God and be in an attitude of gratitude for the blessings we have received and are about to receive. When we say a prayer without acknowledging God in some way,  I believe the function of the prayer is not fully fulfilled. Prayer with absolute faith and belief that it will manifest as affirmed creates wondrous results. It is very important to pray regularly, not just when you feel desperate, sad or depressed or have a need or request to be fulfilled.
I personally do not believe in saying prayers just because you think you should or someone else thinks you should or that it may be the right thing to do or out of obligation or responsibility. The desire should come from your open heart and free-will.
Prayers can be very simple, such as “Good Morning God, Thank you for this day.” Although attending church is wonderful and provides us with our spiritual food Prayer need not happen in a physical church, but in the church within you. If you are walking in the park, shopping, driving and you wish to communicate with God, do so. Whatever way you feel comfortable with works for you. Let us remember God when we are happy as well as when we are in a challenging situation.
When you want to hear the voice of God, it is necessary to pray. Many drop on their knees, pray the rosary and hear God’s voice. Every person is different and every person has a different relationship with God. Prayer is necessary in the process of hearing God’s Voice.

When wishing to communicate with God, you have to start talking just like we do with our family, friends and others.  I feel that God talks to us, (his children) all the time. When you pray you are more in tune and open to hear God’s voice more specifically.


Some people believe that if they want something, all they need to do is pray for it and that is all they do. They sit back and wait for it to happen and do absolutely nothing! Their belief is that if they pray and do nothing and that God will provide for them and that is it.

Open the Gate to Prayer

I believe a little different way. It is my belief that when we pray for guidance and ask for help from God when we need help, but that we blow breath into that prayer by taking responsibility for our actions and by taking the appropriate action. Prayer is NOT a substitute for applying oneself. I am sure you have heard it said, “The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves!” Life is like a smorgasbord. When you want something to eat, you have to get up and get it yourself. Work toward it. Take the necessary steps. Would we appreciate things if everything was handed to us on a silver platter? At times we could take things that come too easily for us as for granted, not giving the appropriate appreciation.      

God is always providing signs along the way. Signs are meaningless unless we recognize that they are there. Guardian angels surround everyone at all times, helping to do God’s work and gently pointing our paths and ways that we can take.The important thing is to become and be aware of them. Open your eyes and watch for them, open your ears and listen for them and open your heart and feel them around you.


It is Proven that Prayer Does Work!

 Listen to this beautiful song of Love, Peace and Joy!

I Hold The World Song voice and music and creation by Dave Card





It is simply amazing how our Angel Chapel has manifested and become — We have had hundreds of people physically visit, pray, rest awhile  and be blessed in the tiny Chapel (which holds a maximum of 3 people) and well over 25,000 visitors to our Virtual On-Line Angel Chapel.
One day my Random Act of Kindness Roving Reporter Joyanna Anthony was visit with me in our Angel Chapel in our back  yard. I was telling her how it was my intention to use this tiny Chapel to help thousands of people worldwide and I didn’t now how that would be possible as it was so tiny. She laughed and said, “Why don’t you create the Angel Chapel as a virtual Chapel on line? “I said, “What is that?” So that is how the Angel Chapel Wesite became an actual reality. Often I think back on that day and her wonderful Angelic remark!
We also receive numerous prayer requests and the good news is that many people have had their prayers answered to which we give God the glory. We are so happy to be instruments that can be used to help numerous people worldwide and give them HOPE!
So please keep your e-mail, letters and phone calls coming. We appreciate and honor each and every one.
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