What the Medical System Has to Say About Properly Done Affirmations

Anne Marie with
Dr. Paul Sugar

“I think positive, uplifting Affirmations are very helpful to everyone but especially those living with cancer and/or other health challenges, block, those undergoing chemotherapy and those in the last phase of life. An uplifting approach helps to make the days meaningful and peaceful while also providing a means of coming to terms with the realities of life”. Dr. Paul Sugar, Palliative Care Doctor, North Vancouver, BC Canada.

Similarly to colour, sound pictorial, scent and other sensory detail affirmations are energetically capable of influencing mind-body-spirit interactions. They are able to activate the body’s electro-chemical activities, establishing more optimum pathologies (and reversing old dysfunctional ones) to help reduce emotional physical pain and suffering. Dr. Cardillo, USA

I was amazed how Anne Marie’s affirmation teachings transformed the life of my patients. I was also very impressed at how Anne Marie could go through everything she did – having colon cancer, getting through a serious infection, undergoing chemo and suffering the terrible shock of the sudden death of her husband – and still give back to others by conducting monthly lectures and sharing her Affirmation Life Tools with chemo patients to help them cope with the side effects.

We thank you for writing and sharing one of the books (70 Ways to Cope with Chemo and Other Medical Treatments) and gifting the books to our Chemo Patients.

What I Like to Share with My Patients:
Sometimes when the medical news for some of my patients is not good I share with them the story of a young man who was not the tallest, not the quickest, but had a will and desire to become NFL player. His Dad said to him “Why not you?”. His coaches were not overly encouraging, but he went on to play in the Super Bowl in Seattle, Washington. I tell my patients there is always an exception. So this exception could be you. Be the one who gets through this health challenge. Why not you? Make it your goal to be the one! I can usually tell by the patient’s mental attitude if she/he will complete their Chemo treatments. Dr Sasha Smijanic, Chemo Doctor, North Vancouver, BC Canada.

I have been an RN for 34 years and can bare testimony to the power of affirmations. I have watched people survive cancer, chemo, and life threatening illnesses, but the oncology patients who have positive thoughts and attitudes, typically endured their treatments better and improved more rapidly. Carolyne, nurse, Mexico

I have been very impressed at Anne Marie’s consistently cheerful presence, her genuine caring for others and her passion for sharing her Affirmation Life Tools. Not only did she use them for herself, but she was also teaching others, such as interested patient and family members, how to use them as well. It has been wonderful for me to see how receptive people have been in learning and working with these tools. She is an amazing lady, and I am sure you will enjoy her positive, uplifting energy as she guides you to learn these tools too. Iris Enkus, Social Worker, Lion’s Gate Hospital, North Vancouver, BC Canada.

What Roxanne’s Research has to say: “When a dear friend told me he was starting chemo for prostate cancer, I sent him three things: my love, my prayers and Dr. Anne Marie Evers’ book 70 Ways to Cope with Cancer and/or Other Medical Conditions. As he underwent his first treatment session, an attending nurse asked if she could read the book. She and her colleagues were very impressed with the information and the empowering exercises (Affirmation Life Tools). She said it would be an excellent complement to the medical material provided by the Cancer Centre“. Roxanne Davies, Writer Researcher, North Vancouver, BC Canada.

Through affirmations, I have also incorporated other important factors in life, such as concern about others and gratitude for everything I receive. The illnesses deepened my understanding of what is important in life and woke up a desire in me to live as fully as I can. Chemo patient Ewa, North Vancouver, BC Canada.

I have and am using Anne Marie’s Clear, Search, Retrieve Affirmation Life Tool to help me with my chemo brain fog and it is working great. Also her Affirmation Life Tool Stop sign. It actually stops the pain for several hours. I am so grateful for these tools and many of the other tools. I would not know what to do without them. Anita, chemo patient, Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver, BC Canada.

Since the beginning of recorded history, the power of the word has been acknowledged by mystics and shamans as a pathway to personal transformation. King Solomon acknowledged this by saying ”As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” and 2,500 years ago the Buddha said “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” In modern times, we call the power of the word Affirmations.

These are bursts of electrical energy consciously directed into our brains to create a positive declaration of what we want to become or achieve. Every minute of our waking life, we are creating Affirmations through our self-talk at the rate of 150 to 300 words per minute or between 45,000 to 51,000 thoughts per day.

Positive self-talk has been referred to as nutrition for the mind, like planting flowers in the garden of our subconscious, whereas a negative inner dialogue is analogous to planting weeds. Thus Affirmations constitutes positive, controlled, and directed self-talk that gives us focus and impact to one’s plans and goals for person growth and fulfillment.

I first met Anne Marie years ago when we were part of a spiritual development healing circle. Part of our work included not only verbal but also visual and emotional Affirmations. Since then, Anne Marie has written three books on Affirmations and goal-setting to help thousands of persons realize their dreams. The purpose of Affirmations is simple – to re-educate and re-program the subconscious with desired outcomes or goals.

In this book, Anne Marie has provided a comprehensive, easy-to-follow system for transforming destructive or limiting, core beliefs through her Personal Contract Affirmation Method.

There are two ways of creating our reality – by consciously programming what we want out of life or by simply accepting what comes our way.Both work, but only the former will ensure that you get what you want in life. This book helps put you in charge of your programming and, consequently, firmly in control of your life! As you use Affirmations daily and consistently, you will be breathing life into the future of your dreams. Dr.Lee Pulos, PhD, author of The Power of Visualization and Mentally Fit Forever and the foreward to Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness/8th Edition.

The Power of Affirmations and Cancer Treatment
Insights from Dr. Anne Marie Evers

When Anne Marie Evers first learned that she had colon cancer, she was speechless. For a brief moment, she thought of giving up, of succumbing to this treacherous disease, but her daughter Aren said, “Mom, you have to fight this thing!” And so Evers went to work finding the specific words that would help reinforce her beliefs and contribute to her recovery.

Words have always played a major role in the life of Dr. Anne Marie Evers. She is an Ordained Minister, Doctor of Divinity, an author, radio, television, and internet broadcaster of a popular radio show out of Seattle, Washington. After spending many years in the business world while raising her son and daughter, for the past 30 years she has worked in the personal growth field, is a member of the Canadian Guidance and Counselling Association and writes, teaches and conducts seminars and workshops for people of all ages.

“When I first learned the I had colon cancer, I said, ‘Why me?’ And then I heard the answer, loud and clear, ‘Why not you.’” As the best-selling author of many books on the power of affirmations, it was now time to empower herself and then share with others undergoing similar health challenges.

From Worst-Case to Hope

One night in July 2013, as she was at home with her husband Reggie, a harsh pain would not go away. She told her husband to call an ambulance and was rushed to Lions Gate Hospital where she underwent emergency abdominal surgery.

After recovering from surgery, she remembers sitting in the briefing room with her husband and daughter. “We were briefed on the negative side-effects of various cancer treatments and, of course, they had to share some worst-case scenarios. It was overwhelming and scary. The doctor said it was totally up to me to make the decision, but if I decided not to go for chemo treatment and the cancer spread then there would be nothing further they could do for me.”

He said there were no guarantees but they would monitor very closely what was taking place in my body and if the treatments were too harsh they would modify them or stop them completely. What a lot of information for anyone to digest!”

Then and there Evers made the commitment to use her affirmation life tools during the chemo treatments and report to the doctors on how they worked for her. If the regimen was successful she would write a book and share her knowledge with other patients. The result is her latest book, 70 Ways to Cope with Chemo and Other Medical Treatments.

“I wanted to give hope to other patients who are undergoing similar treatments. It is my goal to make this book available for all cancer patients who go through a briefing session so they can leave the doctor’s office with a degree of hope.”

Power of Affirmations

Affirmations are like nutrition for the mind, consisting of positive, controlled and directed self-talk that gives focus and impact to one’s plans and goals for personal growth and fulfillment. There are two ways to create reality — by consciously programming what we want out of life or simply accepting what comes our way. Both ways work, but if you use affirmations you can ensure the you get what you want out of life.

“I used affirmation life tools to help me cope with the negative side-effects. Of chemo therapy. The affirmations did not make the negative side-effects go away, but they did make a positive difference in my life and kept me going even when I was tempted to stop taking chemo.”

If dealing with cancer was not enough, Evers woke up one morning to find her beloved Reggie lying dead beside her. He had suffered a massive heart attack during the night. She experienced an overwhelming feeling of guilt that she did not wake up to help him. Amazingly, he had a premonition the evening before.He said to her, “This is how I want to die, in a warm, comfortable bed with you.” Despite this unexpected tragedy, she continued with her affirmations.

One of her chemotherapy doctors, Dr. Sasha Smiljanic, who has written a testimonial for her new book, has been amazed how Evers’s affirmation teachings have transformed the lives of his patients. He has witnessed what can happen when you put time, energy, feeling and effort into this healing affirmation program. The results can be fantastic.

“Experiencing cancer and chemotherapy can be a scary, lonely process with many distressing side-effects. Her book provides reassurance, inspiration, hope, practical tips, simple, proven affirmation life tools and empowering wisdom.”

While Evers was interviewing Dr. Bernie Siegel on one of her radio talk shows, she asked if he would write a few words for her new book, and he agreed to write the foreword. Dr. Siegel’s ground-breaking book Love, Medicine and Miracles highlighted the power of the mind-body connection in health and healing.

He writes from his own personal experience about affirmations, done daily to help his wife dealing with multiple sclerosis. “We can generate health by having beliefs and affirmations with a positive outlook. It’s really about having hope and conviction in your body’s innate capacity to heal itself.” Siegel is glowing in his praise for her new book. “Become a health warrior with Anne Marie as your guide. You can dance in the rain. I know that affirmations, when properly done, make a life-changing difference.”

I truly believe that these simple yet effective and proven affirmation life tools will become one of the cutting-edge tools in health care,” Evers says “I am happy to be a pioneer in this process and I continue to learn as I create, use and review the tools. Both the tools and I are a work in progress, constantly evolving.”

She also interviews guests from all walks of life on Contact Talk Radio Network.

(Article by Roxanne Davies/Health Action Magazine)