Welcome to the Wonderful World of Angel Chapel, Angels, Forgiveness, Prayer, Affirmations, Affirmation Life Tools, Meditation, HOPE and much more!


Hello – I am Reverend Dr. Anne Marie Evers and I wish to welcome you to come into the Angel Chapel, rest awhile, pray, meditate and just BE in God’s presence and amongst God’s helpers  – – – the Angels.

This Angel Chapel was created by my late husband Rev. Reggie Clemens to give you a special place, either physical or via Internet to enjoy the Loving, Healing Energy whenever you wish. I am so thankful and honored by his wonderful gift of love and caring that keeps on giving.


This Angel Chapel is a Division of the Church of Divine Love & Seminary, Phoenix, AZ.  Reverend Dr. Eva Grace Johnson, my beloved mentor recently made her transition . Her physical presence is greatly missed but we know that she is still with us in Spirit as is Rev. Reggie.



To radiate love to help to empower and give HOPE to people worldwide and for you to know that there is a place of healing, love, comfort and hope that you can visit anytime and anywhere on-line. Here you are encouraged to feel the wondrous presence of God, His Angels and the Heavenly Realm and to release your burdens, pray/affirm, rest awhile and to receive Divine Help and Guidance. We also encourage you to get in touch with God/Creator, Universal Mind, Higher self or whomever you believe in.

I am so proud and happy to be the Director of this Healing Angel Chapel, in the woods situated on Affirmation Creek in North Vancouver, B. C. Canada. Thank you for visiting us at this time and we sincerely hope that you will visit us regularly and take advantage of the positive and helpful voice meditations and videos on this website.

My email address is I love to hear from you all! With


Much Love and Warm Affirmation Blessings Anne Marie February, 2019